Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Phone Calls at 5AM

You know, I am learning to hate phone calls at 5am.


Because they are ALWAYS bad news---very much like the telegram used to be, a phone call that early means that things are not right with the world.

This morning, Jeff's mother called. She's very frightened, and she's taking Jeff's dad to the hospital again today. He can't breathe, and he can't walk (which doesn't seem to fit at all, but I suppose that if something is off chemically, he might be DIZZY), so she's taking him to the hospital.

I plan to head over there at noon to check things out and make sure he's okay. I asked Jeff's sister if this was the "Big Kahuna". She tells me no, but that mom was concerned about taking dad to the hospital which would push back the chemo-therapy.

I figure these things happen for a reason. Dad isn't eating right because the chemo leaves a metallic taste in his mouth, and nothing tastes good. So when he can have the chemo, the result is things go seriously off-kilter.

But when the phone rings at 5am--and don't get me wrong--I'd rather they call at all hours of the day than to wait and not let us know until a reasonable time, and the person is long-since DEAD, for instance--my stomach goes flip flop.

I feel sick to my stomach. When things happen like this, horrible things happen, and I simply can't imagine having something growing inside that prevents me from breathing--for instance, asthma. Especially the severe stuff..imagine not being able to breathe? I mean, that's a very scarey thing--you lose consciousness and could DIE from that stuff.

So I drew cards...as I usually do in times like this...

"What's going on with Dad?"

Lovers reversed
8 of Wands reversed
Ace of Pents reversed

You have no choice. A lack of action results in a lost opportunity.

That's what they are saying. I have no idea how it ties in!

Now those of you who read tarot professionally will say "Oh, that's not what they say at all!" Trust me. I know what I'm talking about. If the cards can tell me exactly where Caylee Anthony is buried--if they can tell me when someone's life is in danger (yes, they most certainly did!)--then, this is the correct reading for this particular issue. I sometimes don't understand the tie in--and that can be a problem--it's as if there's a foggy vision between reading the cards and understanding. Now it could mean that I really should go at noon to the hospital. That failing to do so will result in something lost--in other words--dad could die and I wouldn't be able to see him this one last time! That would be catastrophic!! What if he stopped breathing at 12:15 or something. SURE! He's in the hospital, and they would likely put him on a respirator but THEN WHAT?

No, it's telling me to go to the hospital today. PANIC sets in.

Just like getting a phone call at 5am.

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