Monday, January 12, 2009

Guardian Angel

Okay, I suppose I'm going to have to subscribe to this realm of possibility, I suppose. The thought that prayer changes things, and that there really are angels hanging about, fighting crime and stuff like that.

I think my Father in Law is dying.

This is really tough. He's got a big family, and they sort of spill out into the hallway at the hospital. Getting them all inside at the same time to say any sort of small prayer is next to impossible, but it did happen.

And everytime I've gone to the elevator, up or down, I'm picking up the right elevator--granted, it's a 1 in 3 chance, but I've been right every time but one--when I told my guardian angel to stay with dad.

The rest of the family thinks I'm nuts, but there it is.

So on Saturday, I pulled the 10 of wands, Sacred Circle tarot, entitled "Force". This card is reasonably dark, with lots of fire, and I read this to mean that dad was really going to have to fight to get through this, but even if he fought and won, the doctor's say that he will be impossibly sick from everything that's gone on in the last 48--more on that later...

In fact, dad "woke up" at one point to tell us that he'd been fighting with a couple guys--to which mom asked him if he won, and dad said no. I figure he'd been fighting with the angels. I don't figure it was a physical fight, but probably more like a verbal one, and he just wasn't gonna win that one.

Then on Sunday, I pulled the Sun, entitled Rebirth, and I thought of caterpillars and butterflies, and I knew. That which I figured was going to happen on Saturday, but I prayed hard that it could hold off until the family got there (he has one daughter in Florida and a son in North Carolina, who arrived about 2am Sunday Morning), and he has hung on so far, though not really well.

Okay, he started with a smoker's cancer in his lung, which is sort of wrapped around his esophagus--which causes him to cough. The coughing put out a couple ribs. Then he got pneumonia (again) which he'd just gotten over a month or less ago. Then fluid started to build up around his heart and in his lungs, which put pressure on them, and when his heart couldn't function effeciently, he developed pulmonary hypertension, which means that part of his heart basically isn't functioning as well as it should, and it's the part that brings the oxygenated blood in--which I could be wrong about--the doctor said "the right side of his heart". Anyway, the side that pumps out/pushes, seems to work just fine and very strong.

Bottom line, yesterday, the doctor came in around noon, and couldn't even wake him. The entire family is crying. I'm crying. There's my husband. Mr. I-MUST-BE-A-ROCK Sutfin. And no one has called for any sort of I'm the one that's been doing much of the family prayer support.

And leaving my guardian angel with dad to watch over him and keep the evil one away until such time as God takes him home, which could be any time, really.

Today, I drew the Page of Swords, entitled "Thought". Pages generally mean a message is coming. Keep Trying, says the learn tarot website. Keep fighting. Keep praying. Keep on keeping on.

I suppose that's the best I can do.

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