Wednesday, December 19, 2007

3rd Sweater

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The silk roving, hand dyed. Christmas present received from spin night. Yes, it's very beautiful. The color is best under Ott light.

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty okay day. The boss came to me with a special project, and I got busy on it as soon as I finished with what I was trying to complete--once I started, I got it done in half an hour. I'm pretty sure what little she did took a lot longer.

I'm just too good at what I do.

Someday, she's going to figure that out.

And that's what the three of pents yesterday was all about--exposing my natural abilities and getting the job done in record time.

I'm just too good sometimes.

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Roving for Christmas! Picture doesn't do it justice. The top roving is pink, the little ball on the bottom is white, and there's a little baggie of silk inside the box.

The light isn't good in my breakfast nook.

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Look how nice this skein "started" to pool!! A great start, only to find a freaking KNOT!

And instead of cutting the yarn at the side, I decided that I could keep going, but the pooling was decidedly different, as you can see.

I'm torn.

To rip, or not to rip...that is the question...the pooling would change under the armholes and at the neckline I'm sort of considering leaving it, but the change is so darned obvious, that it's killing me, and I suspect that at some point today, I will decide to rip back. Darn! I'm so close to the finish line!!!

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