Monday, December 31, 2007

Cookie and Spyware and Phish, oh MY!

Well, I have dozens of cookies and spyware on my machine, and I am getting a ton of spam because a friend sent me a card from a website, which had a popup, and the popup wouldn't allow me to see my card, so like an idiot, I clicked on the popup.

Not a good idea, because now, I'm getting all these ads in my email.

So I cleared a ton of cookies from my temp files (and there were a ton). My guru suggested Ad Aware and Spy Bot, which I've downloaded--unfortunately Ad Aware didn't download properly, so I'll have to do it at the office next week. I'm not fond of Spy Bot because it takes forever to go through the hard drive to find a handful of junk.

So for now, I just cleared out the temp file, but unfortunately I am still getting the junk email--at least it's not in my INBOX, but is filling up my junk mailbox (for the most part). Frankly I think the spam sifter at my ISP isn't filtering properly.

So my best friend sent me a link to a beautiful free shawl pattern---so I am saving the website for another day.

I'm still fretting over my next project. Hubby won't stand still to check his measurements for a while--and right now, sits at his computer playing his game. I should probably reboot my computer, but I'm sitting on that, too. Not the computer, but the chair in front of it--hehe. Reading email.

I swear. I get so much email! I'm going to have to put a filter in my mailbox just to filter out the socknitters email! I've been reading email all week, and I still haven't caught up! I have a kink in my neck from reading email all day yesterday! Where does it all come from?

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