Monday, December 17, 2007

In the Saddle Again

The alarm goes off at 4:40am for my husband. He hears it and tells me to shut it off, which I do...then he falls back to sleep. At 5:08, and already late, I wake him again to hear him say "Did the alarm go off?"

I finally get him off to work, and my alarm goes off at 5:30am. I set the snooze for 20 minutes, but watch it for 15, and finally decide to crawl out. The phone is ringing, but I can't get there in time. No message, and no call back.

I start the shower going, and let the dog out. She's getting better about going out in the dark, too. Wonderful. I climb into the shower to get warm again, and prepare for the day.

An odd drive to the office today--most roads are clear, but some people don't remember that we had an ice storm before all this snow happened. Consequently, folks are whipping past me one minute, in the ditch the next. One fellow in a pickup truck, obviously oblivious to road conditions, ended up driving in the ditch, with not one tire touching the ground--the frame is sitting on the ground on both sides of the ditch. He won't get out without a wrecker.

On arrival in my parking space, I find the lot is plowed, but the street is not, and the sidewalks are another story--apparently covered over when the plow blew out the street. It was a salty, snowy, slick mess going up and down a small track. I thought about walking in the street, but remembering the two little girls who got hit that one day several years back talked me right out of it.

I did arrive at the office--a half hour late! Of course, not many people are in the office at all!

Tonight, a Christmas Party, and I will not be home until late. I have to call my husband to make sure he feeds my sheep tonight because I will be very late. Did I mention I was going to be late? Sigh. Time to go to bed, I think.

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