Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Sweater Vest is complete!

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I am so tickled.
I know it looks like it can't possible fit an adult, but it does--my son is thin and lanky--he will love this sweater vest.

I did have to go and buy some more of the black yarn--another 2 skeins--I had thought that two skeins would make all three vests, but was just a few inches short of the bind off on the second armhole, and also the ribbing at the bottom front was made out of the second skein when the first skein was in use on the back...

So I bought two more skeins, which should be plenty, and perhaps make a hat for my husband.

I dropped into the body shop today, and found out that I'll be able to trade the loaner in for my own car on Thursday! I'm so happy!

Work was horrible--I'm being overly emotional of late, and I think that's it's finally passing. I'm feeling quite better at the moment, as I prepare to cast on the back of the second sweater vest. I think the next two will go much faster!

I'm a bit tired after the commotion from last night, but trying to stay awake so I sleep well tonight.

Have decided I need a new hat. Chose this one. I think it will look really cool in the multicolored Bernat bulky yarn I bought. Need to add the hat to my list ==> over there. :)

In the meantime...hope you all have a fun evening. I've been pulling cards all day. My girlfriend told me her husband has been really irritable lately, so I asked the tarot cards, and pulled the 2 of swords.

I wrote her back and said that he's trying to decide between a paradox--he has a decision to make and he doesn't want to choose either one. I also told her that she should ask him about it when she gets home.

I can't wait to find out what it was that was on his mind! :)

Tarot was right on about the driver for my husband's van pool. He made another big stink about cleaning off the windows again this morning in front of the rest of the riders. My husband is firm in his resolve. He will not clean off those windows--simply because he doesn't like the driver and won't be bullied into doing anything he doesn't feel he has to do--which doesn't go much beyond death and taxes--the driver's met up with a big stone wall when it comes to my husband. He can't win. My husband doesn't do things for anybody just to appease them. And so, the driver is hoping that by making such a stink over it, that the other riders will side with him--my husband doesn't know or care who's side they're on--he's very predictable that way. LOL! So we will see how things go. Frankly, he needs this van pool, because he can't drive long distances...he tends to fall asleep at the wheel--therefore, I drive everywhere when we ride together. So the entire issue is of concern to me. He can't drive himself to work anymore, and he can't unseat the current driver. However, there is hope on the horizon. This other guy's supposed to take an early retirement, so there will be a changing of the guard soon, I hope.

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