Monday, December 24, 2007

Imagine that!

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Remember yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that the rain and wind had taken all the 8" of snow we had, and left nothing but brown outdoors?

Guess who got her wish this morning?

I know I've posted this gas grill before, but this is not the same picture! REALLY! It snowed last night.

Today, we go to my favorite aunt's house for a Christmas party--she doesn't know it yet, but I bought her a really pretty Christmas present (well, my hubby and I did). It's wrapped, so I can't show it to you, and since she reads my posting, I can't tell you what it is!

heehee! I can't wait to get there. She said I could come earlier, but I've got other things to do...namely to make the glow in the dark beater covers for the tenor drummers....but I'm also pretty hot on making myself a fair isle hat. I'm thinking about 170 stitches should be about right...

Just a standard hat, mind you, nothing fancy--maybe ear flaps to keep my ears warm--those points nearly froze off last year!

The drive there might be slightly treacherous in places, but I'm not so worried about the drive. I will need to take a nap before too long. It takes me a long while to acclimate to vacation--I am still "work lagged", so I'm still waking at 5:00am!!! After 3 DAYS!

I have to run over to JoAnn's again, and pick up some fuzzy stuff. This is a cute idea I had to make a poncho for my DGD--out of the leftover pink fleece I used to make the pillows a bit bigger.

All you do, is this:

1. Measure around the child's head and divide by 2pi--(approx 6.28)
2. Measure from where the neck meets the shoulder, down the shoulder, to about the wrist.

Take a string, the length of #2 measurement plus an inch or 2, put a slip knot in the end, and tie the slip knot around a SHARPIE pen.

Fold the fleece in half, then in half again (so it's folded into 4ths like a piece of paper). Hold the string under your thumb FIRMLY where the 4ths meet at the fold, and draw an arc with the pen, directly onto the fleece. Using a rotary wheel, cut the pie out.

Using the same method, approximate your #1 measurement, and cut out the neck. You do not need to be EXACT here and you can even err on the SMALL side, because you will be cutting a little slice for the opening...but if you screw up and make it too BIG, you can adjust with darts and seam's not a big deal!!

Now, find some trims--or you can knit, right into the fleece with some eyelash yarn--and either sew it on at the bottom edge, or you can knit it on at the bottom edge...however you prefer.

PRESTO! Instant poncho!

Today, I drew the 2 of pents, reversed. Imagine a guy on a tightrope, juggling two coins upside-down.

Spending money you can't afford to spend--yes, that's me, but what can I do? It's Christmas!! But I am being more careful this year than I have in the past, and I'm trying to make do with what I have--using yarn already in my stash to make my next several projects--the fair isle hat is no exception...I'm planning to use the leftovers from my son's sweaters!

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