Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's in Store for Me Today?

Queen of Pentacles reversed.

Either means I ain't gettin' enuf, or that I am going to run into someone who uses people--which is likely more the story, since I'll be going to work in a few minutes--and everybody knows who's THERE.

There's always one in a group, right?

So we won't think about that, we'll just get on with the rest of life...

I am more than half done with the second sweater vest. This one is a lot cooler, the way the colors pooled, and was the one I thought wouldn't give the best coloration. You will see when I take the final picture, because I don't want all the oooo'ing and aaaaahhhh'ing until it's finished, and that might be a while, since I'm going to work the back and front of the third vest before finishing the second.

Tomorrow, I am taking my mother to her surgery for her other eye (cataracts), and so will have the day off--I will get LOTS of knitting time in, both in the doctor's office and during the rest of the day. I will be set for Christmas if I just keep at it.

The cats are happy. The dog is, well, being a dog.

This morning when I decided it was time for her to go out (directly after my shower, since she will NOT go out the minute I get up), she wouldn't come to me. And she was looking at me very sheepishly from the laundry hamper. I asked her if she'd already had an accident in the house, and she hung her head very low....but inspection told me no accident.

I called her and called her while putting on my shoes. She still wasn't coming, so I looked in on her again, and she was sitting by the hamper still, and wouldn't come--just sitting there, looking hopeless.

Finally, while putting on my coat and getting the leash, she started to howl. Now I figure that something is seriously wrong with my dog, so I go check it out again, and she has pulled herself away from the hamper, but now I can see that she is attached to the hamper by the jump ring on her doggie tags. The hamper is full, so she can't get away--she was literally tied to the hamper.

I loosed her from the offending clothes basket, and she ran as fast as she could to the door. I let her out and she ran like mad to her "potty place", and down she went.

So much for mommy being observant, right? Poor puppy. So while outdoors, I started the car.

Huby and I worked for about a half hour on the slush in the driveway, and then we went to McDonald's for dinner, picking up some salt for the driveway on the way. When we got home, he laid salt down on the driveway. Didn't matter. There was another ice storm directly after the salt was laid, and so the driveway is sheet ice now. I tried to tell my husband that we should lay down the hot corn and oyster shell on the drive to give traction, but he figured it would just get tracked back into the house. I'm thinking it would be a good thing to have on the hill which is just too steep to get up when there's ice on the drive.

But I'm just an idiot, right?

Well, think I'm going to head over to Ravelry and see what Claire is doing, then head to work--I never know what the roads will be like out here.

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crafty wee midden said... I the Claire of the namecheck, or is it another one? Am all chuffed at getting a namecheck but might be being bigheaded in assuming it's me lol....there's more than one Claire in the world....grin....

anyway, I'm enjoying the mention :)

card of the day ..... 3 of swords, second time in a week......