Friday, December 28, 2007


Still working on the hat, and don't seem to be getting very far, very fast. So of course, I draw the 4 of Wands reversed for my card today--which says that completion of a project is delayed for several reasons, but it will soon come to fruition--

Now I don't know if that means my hat or my husband, who also seems to be a work in process this year, but I suppose it could be either.

It feels like Tuesday--but it's Friday--and I can't believe how quickly the time is just speeding away. I had hoped for a nice vacation--and I've gotten in quite a lot of time with resting and knitting, but still seem to be working all the time. Yesterday, we picked up corn for the corn stove, and unloaded from the truck into the garage.

My husband thinks that he can return his old pillow (chewed apart by our dog) for a new one for even exchange.

Now, granted, these pillows have a lifetime warranty on them--against DEFECT--but what pillow can stand up against a dog's teeth?????? I mean, that isn't really "normal wear and tear", not even in my book--so I fail to see where my husband is coming from. However, I'd sure like that $90 back--to get him something else, so that he'll have to get ME something else since I don't want to be the wife who got nothing but coffee for Christmas AND her birthday. I still think that was a bummer of a deal.

So, we'll see what happens. I expect that he will probably have to eat it--he might want to trade for the "other" pillow type--since he says that he doesn't think he'll be able to sleep on the spongy one like I have. Seriously--I bought that pillow thinking that it would help hold my neck up, but just like the temperpedic foam in the bed, my head and neck sink down into it. When I get up in the morning, you can see exactly where I lay--because it takes a while for the foam to come back to normal. My bed looks like you could plaster cast me, right there.

So I've been printing off all these little doo-dads off the internet, and found some cute little scrubbies. I'm not even sure of the website anymore, but it was somebody's blog--and were they ever cute! Little round coaster like things that swirled around the center. Knit up fast on 18 stitches. Cute. But I hate to print out websites with a ton of advertising on them--so I usually edit the website in MS Front page, delete all the ads and just print the cool stuff. I do this with nearly every website I visit. If I can't get what I need with MS Front Page, I use SnagIt, and save it as a picture, then edit in Photoshop.

And no, I would never ever report something like this as "my pattern". It isn't my pattern. Just something I found on the internet that I might want to make in that ethereal "someday". I have tons of patterns like this, and not just for knit or crochet, but for spinning, quilting and other crafts. Those scrubbies will make handy dandy gifts next year--for all those people who forgot me this year! Bah! Humbug!

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