Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's my Party

Today is my 50th birthday.


I am a half a century old.

My hubby said "you're over the hill now, how does it feel?"

I said "No wonder my back hurts! I've been sleeping on a hill all night!"

Christmas is a fading memory now. My granddaughter was not feeling well, and stressed out from the entire day of travel and Christmas overload (God, do I know how THAT feels), and not much in a party mood, sadly--didn't want the pillows, and wanted nothing to do with the poncho--the clothing was hardly glanced at. I'm a tad crushed, but I'll get over it.

My grandson, on the other hand, while he didn't care for my gifts at first, warmed up to me about an hour later, and we made a fort out of some camo-fleece blanket. He was really happy with the fleece blanket--imagining overnights camping with it, and playing with great-aunt Jennifer a game of "where's aunt Jenny?"

The parent's appreciated the clothing for the children, though.

And everyone else thought the poncho was a wonderful piece of work! My mother's doily--I just couldn't wait to put it on the table, and it went over really big, and looked beautiful on the Christmas table. There was just so much "pretty stuff".

I think I got a lump of being the Charlie Brown, not really--I got some lovely Satin Sheets. Now, this actually was an idea that I had for my HUSBAND, not really for myself, although I will enjoy them too. But my hubby likes soft, slick things--even if they're cold! But they match the bedroom and the vellux blanket that *I* bought him, so he was pleased, and so was I. Now all I need is that satin nightie that my step daughter got, and my hubby will be all "set". I won't be able to keep his hands off me.

I got a card for my birthday, the family recipe book, a pin and a small red box with a bow on it--my aunt said that it was Monet--inside (and the item is quite small and fits in my hand), it looks like a real pearl--and I suppose I'm supposed to keep some small expensive keepsake inside--but it's not going to hold very much. Even so, it's beautiful. Pictures to come, but no time at the present, as we are preparing to go to my mother's now.

Today, I pull the Knight of Pentacles for my day, today. My hubby is taking me, my son and my mom out to dinner for Chinese. He's yet to get my Christmas/Birthday present, so I'm relatively wondering what's in store for me. I think he's going to get me a remote car starter---oh baby! I can't wait for that!!! If there's anything I dislike more, it's crawling into a cold car! Worse yet is having to scrape the windows (and when the frost is really hard--and when you scrape, it only scrapes an inch at a time sort of hard frost)--but when the car is WARM, the frost comes off quite neatly. So...this Knight tells me that hubby is going to be very handsome and dashing, and just the thing I need for this over the hill gal!

Right now, though, he's going to play video games on his computer. Good luck dear!

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