Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I decided to leave the third sweater vest front as is. It's just too close to Christmas, and I still have the "putting together" to do--then to make the pillows for my grand-daughter. Beyond that, if I don't tell him, he'll never know--and even more beyond that, he will likely cover them up with a coat anyway!

I reached the split for the shoulder fronts while at work, and decided to take a short break from knitting to let you know about my final decision.

Tonight, our office is having an office party off site--I invited my husband to go, but he's not interested, so he'll stay home and eat more vegetable lasagna. When I get home, I'll finish up the third sweater and start putting #2 and #3 together. So my evening is full.

I wasn't able to find the earings for my nephew that I wanted. My friend who has a pair said that it was really hard to find one on the internet, and while I did find something very similar, it's for guys who've "gauged" their earlobes to accept it. My nephew is only 10, and I doubt that he knows anything about "gauging" yet. So I have to come up with another idea. It's hard, because he's at a tough age--too young for a stereo--too old for stuffed toys. The earing would have been let me describe it...

It's a post earing. The front has the head of a dragon, and in back, the dragon's tail. Silvertone. The closest I could find was this:

And while that's pretty cool, it doesn't come apart.
So off to look for another item of interest. It's really bad of me this year, because it's gotten so late for shipping these things off in order to get them to the recipient in time for Christmas...but they will get there eventually...I hope.
Well, I'm off to knitting again. If you've seen an earing like I'm looking for, give me a comment!

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