Friday, December 7, 2007

Finally Friday...Whew!

I knitted forever yesterday--3 rows on each break at work, and about 12 on my lunch hour, then came home and knit another 40 rows or so until about 10:15pm--then I dropped into slumber, with the television going and knitting firmly in my lap.

When I woke up about 10 minutes later, I found myself snoring (in fact I woke myself up with it). The cat was sitting on my lap--the knitting was on the floor and I was drooling. My husband had gone to bed to sleep in a comfortable spot (mine, I'll bet). I put the knitting away, took the dog out one last time for a tinkle, and hurried into the bedroom, crawled under the covers and pulled them up over my head, shivvering.

I love living in Michigan. I don't love Michigan weather. I hate extremes--I've often told people that I would be really happy to have temperate weather year 'round--and it doesn't have to be all that warm (or cold) either. I could be satisfied with the 60's--yes, you heard it here folks...satisfied with the 60's, with the occassional 70 tossed in there once in a great while.

Unfortunately, you have to freeze that flu bug--or it gets worse and worse every year. But moderate weather would allow me to wear a Scot outfit on parade without smelling like I just came out of the gym workout, and would keep me from passing out from the heat--I must tell you that carrying 25 pounds of drum on your body in 90 degrees is nearly unbearable--never mind WALKING down the STREET with it for at least a mile--and of course, if I could just lose about 100 pounds--even 80--would help tremendously!

I have a performance today, so I have to gather all my Scottish gear into my car (drum, sticks, carrier and pad are all in the car already. I have to put my CLOTHING in the car, as I can't wear this stuff and walk to work in it (it's freezing outside!!!). So I will pack the clothing in the car, drive to work, walk in my "civies" to the office, do my work day, get out at 4, then head back to my car, drive to the performance, go in and change in their bathroom. Now I can't even change in my OWN bathroom, so you can imagine what it might be like to change clothes in a STALL--most of which are made for thin, lithe model type, I need enough room to spin a cat--because when I put my kilt on, I have to spin around a bit--well, let's just say it's a new dance move.

But the coffee tastes too good, and I'm feeling too lazy--so I'll blog. Not much thought in that, is there? Of course, you have to have something to say--for instance how my husband went outdoors, stuck his hands in the snow on my car, then came indoors and gave me a nice warm hug (of course, I was oblivious to his going's on outside just moments ago), and suddenly there are two frozen hands on . My dog can't jump that high. My cat can't scream that loud, and my, my--the expletives!!! Sailors might blush!

So, for punishment, I sent him to work with a hot cup of coffee.

Am I a good wife or what?

He would say "or what?" I can hear him, even when he's not here.

Well, folks, unfortunately for you, it's time for my shower, I have to pack for the performance and dress for work, load up the car and head out. The knitting goes with me so that I can knit while I'm waiting off stage in the green room, because it takes forever for pipes to "warm up" in this weather. Going in and out between hot and cold or vice versa can take them out of tune like that ...extreme cold will freeze your exhaled water vapor in the drone reeds and the chanter reed, making it impossible to play--but what's really bad is playing on a freezing day with 25 mile per hour wind chills, and that gust goes blowing straight up your kilt. It gives the term "Big Chill" a whole new meaning--of course, with some men, it's just a "Little Chill", but the effect is the same. I'm smart--I do not take chances on the weather and wear something appropriate below the, socks, winter weather nylons, leg warmers and thermalwear.

OH! One last thing before I sigh-n off. has a new issue out, and it's got a pair of hose in there in GREEN. I'm planning to make at least one pair, if not more--the one pair for the Pipe Major (since he no longer has a knitter to depend on), and at least a pair for me--then, if it's approved, I'll become a knitting fool for the rest of the band as well. Check out the site, there's not a thing there that I don't want to make--and it looks like I'm going to have to buy the next issue of Interweave Crochet, too--as there's a nice white cable hat in there that would go perfect on my head.

Today's card is the Knight of Cups. Well, that would have to be my husband--who made a big move today with his bear hug and cold hands. LOL! See you tomorrow!

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