Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Pillow Talk

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Here's the back to one of the pillows.

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Another pillow back

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Another pillow front.
I finished the front of the last sweater vest. I bound off too soon, and had to rip back a couple rows, but everything's in order now. This morning, at breaktime, I will be sewing together 2 shoulders and picking up stitches for the necklines. At lunch, I will likely finish at least one, if not both necklines. Then I'll start on seaming up the sides. I should have both done finished, caput this evening--plenty of time to sew up the pillows for Christmas presents.

I seriously need an idea for my nephew who is 10. HELP!

This morning, I found out that my step-daughter's husband (does that make him my step son in law?) has been laid off from his job--maybe until next fall!! YE GODS! That can't happen! I'm not sure what he'll do, but I have an idea that he might need to move out of state for a while, leaving her to take care of the house and children--I honestly don't know how they will cope with any sort of arrangement. The entire idea has me pretty boggled--I can pray about it, but would rather DO something about it otherwise, being that it is my husband's daughter and all--but I've no idea what to do--it's not like I have a job that he could do here in the house--not that I could afford to give him a working wage. My husband might hire him to do some electrical in the basement when we get that far, but again, that's not going to last him for 9 months!

My husband lays this one on me as he's heading out the door, saying that he figures that he will just give his daughter some money for Christmas, instead of a gift, to help them make it through--maybe he should give them the turkey he got from work, too. And when I go shopping, I'll start picking up things for them so they can at least eat. You can't live 9 months on credit and get away with it. I'm concerned. So of course, will do what I can.

The coffee this morning was really good, and now it's time to wrap things up for getting dressed and ready for work.

Yesterday's Tarot Card for the Day is the Tower Reversed. A big shocker, it says. Well, the announcement of my step son-in-law's layoff was it.

Today's card is Two of Cups--entitled Harmony, it speaks to successful relationships and new meaning for those relationships. The card is also about working things out with family and friends, and it might have quite a bit to do with how I'm feeling right now about my step-daughter and their family--that perhaps I'm going to be able to help work things out for them by doing a little juggling/mixing, and keeping my ear to the ground. I surely hope so.

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hi there, missuswumman :)
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