Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Has Arrived!

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Woke up this morning to over 8" of snow on the ground. I snapped a couple of photos just to show you how deep it is.

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And this...Poor little gas grill, shivering in the cold. He really should have been brought in, but his little wheels wouldn't move after we got caught in the ice storm two weeks ago, and the freezing temps just haven't let up a bit!

We knew it was coming, so we went Christmas Shopping yesterday (as I posted yesterday, knowing full and well that my husband would ruin the shopping experience--and tried to go alone--well he did decide to go with me, and he did make it rather unpleasant, but since I knew that would happen, it didn't destroy the experience quite so much)...and I snapped this

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in Meijer's. It's a placemat, but could be transfigured into a table runner. Sorry it's so blurry, but I was in a hurry--husband waiting in the car, you get the idea?

I got a velour blanket for my husband for Christmas.
I got 2 balls of crochet cotton for my mother.
I got an outfit and a camoflage blanket for my grandson.
I got a $50 gift certificate for my step son.
I got an outfit and 2 Cinderella fleece pillow panels and inserts for my granddaughter.
I am making my son 3 sweater vests, but also bought 2 or 3 long sleeved T Shirts at Walmart for him, too.
I am going to the sleep shop tomorrow to buy my hubby a new pillow with temper-pedic foam to replace the one that the dog chewed into little bits of shreaded rubber.
I got a doily for my mother in law's kitchen table to put under the plexiglass.

I think that's the Christmas list.

Hubby still doesn't have his list taken care of--of course, the trip was for ME to get MY shopping done. I did let him know that there were electric remote car starters at Meijer's for only $40. I WANT one of those! I figure that my step son can put it in for me, and figured that if hubby wanted one too, sure, I'd get him another present.

Our old velour blanket is totally worn out. He loved that thing to death. I'm going to salvage it and make home-made teddybears out of it. It's a dark blue, so the bears will need sweaters...are you getting the picture? And while I post this, it's still snowing. They were telling us yesterday that a storm was coming and would drop 10" on the ground--well, it's looking pretty likely that the weatherman was right for our area. Everything is white, and the wind is howling--means snow drifts up to your "you know what". Lots of snow. I bet it takes two days to dig out.

I am nearly done with the last back of my son's sweater vest--I am past the armholes, and expect to get the back done today, plus a good start on the front..

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This is the second front of my son's sweater vests (unblocked, of course). I thought the yarn (Bernat Camoflage) pooled in a really cook way right up the middle of the front.

Doesn't it look like a space invader?

The photo colors didn't stay true in the monitor picture, I'm sure, and the jpg had to be fewer colors to load the pic in the shortest time, but from the bottom, left to right, the colors are emerald green and black, mint green and brown, brown, mint green/black and emerald green/black.. He looks like he has antlers on the top of his round space suited head, and very skinny (can you say "like a stick?") arms. Notice that his, his um...private obscured? Just like it would be on television! hahahahha.

But this one turned out much neater than the first one, which looks simply like a variagated woody area.

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This is the first (finished) sweater vest--see what I mean? Now granted, the yarn did pool, but in nearly vertical strips--like I said "woodsy area". But you do your own comparison.

Today's Tarot card is the 9 of Cups reversed. Entitled Stability, in reversed orientation, does this mean that I'm "unstable"? I didn't need a card to tell me that! LOL!

Well, it talks about spending money I don't have--actually that hasn't happened YET, but it will if I keep buying Christmas presents! It also tells about friends and how they're tiring of my selfishness. Tomorrow night is spin night, and I'm going to another person's house and we are all celebrating a Christmas dinner. I have to pick up a tray of veggies at Meijer's on the way, and I already have the Christmas "pass it around" giftie. I'm prepped for the evening.

Perchance it's my hubby that didn't get his Christmas shopping in? Well he's the one who wanted to go home! I could have stayed out and shopped till I dropped, and it's probably a GOOD thing that I didn't do that. I managed to spend most on the little children who still believe in Santa, but have actually spent more on his son that I have on HIM (so far). I haven't bought for my step-daughter and her husband yet (something simple for their house), but have for my mother-in-law (which was sort of a spur of the moment thing).

I suppose that I should get started on my knitting now, avoid the Christmas rush (grin). Then I can work on the pillows for my grand daughter. Have a good day!

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