Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ah! There it IS!

Took a while for the page to load, as MS Windows downloaded the files for Explorer 7--so now, the software is 10 times bigger and has to load 10 times slower.


Anyhow, Spin Group had their Christmas Party. I looked for it frantically

on the wrong road.

But eventually, I had an epiphany, and got on the correct road. I was about 45 minutes late, but the food was still warm, and that was the important thing.

Everyone had a great time--the food was wonderful, and after, there was a little bit of gift giving--then dessert. I came home with more than I left with--which really ought not to happen, but usually does at events like this. Somehow, I come home with a box full of roving (some different colors I've never seen before in natural roving), a cat toy and a pin cushion, and a pair of slipper socks that I forgot I'd told my fried about--

really must do something about my memory...fading fast.

In any case, my friend had gone out and bought a pair of those socks for everyone and while I'd given my pair away for a gift, I (smile) came back home with them. They are pretty cute. I just wish I'd not said anything about them to my friend. I hope that she didn't run out and get a pair for herself too, because now she'll have two pair--well, I suppose it's okay, because I got her a little sheepy figurine, too. I hope that she's not disappointed.

Then we all packed up and headed out. When I got home, I just unloaded and went to bed. I'm still tired. No, I take that back..I am exhausted.

I would have taken pics of the treasures, but the battery on the camera gave out--so it's plugged in so as to be able to use it tonight.

I can't quite get the sleep out of my eyes.

Anyway, yesterday, my hubby was late in trying to catch the van pool to work. He ended up having to drive himself, and went into the ditch twice and had to call a wrecker to pull him out! He should not drive anymore. He's pretty concerned about it. But when you only sleep well one day out of two--something is bound to happen! I'll have to contact his doctor. I think that his inability to sleep when he's supposed to sleep might be linked to a thyroid problem (like mine), but that's not handled by the doctor he normally contacts, so I will need to think about this. Somehow, my hubby is out of whack.

Just like me, imagine that? Do you think it's catching?

Well, it's come time to leave the house, and I just don't seem to have the willpower to carry myself to my car...

For a Tarot card today, I pull the 3 of Pentacles--this is the apprentice card--where you're chosing a vocation and working toward the goal. Maybe I will get word that my son has found a new job? I have to tell you, that would be a blessing.

In anycase, it's time to go. Sorry it's so boring this morning, but the body really needs about 2 more hours of sleep before it will really wind up and go. We'll try massive amounts of coffee when I get to work. That might help!


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