Monday, December 31, 2007

Trying Lots of New Things...

Today, I tried lots of new things with my blog--added a few new buttons of places of interest, tried to add a progress bar like the ones used at Ravelry, but my attempt didn't work. I don't want to link my Ravelry account to my blog (or is that vice versa), because blog and Ravelry have different lists--I'm not sure why it didn't work--just that it didn't work. Perhaps someone will answer my questions on the Ravelry forum.

I also made a Tribble today, but that didn't seem to work out so well, either--First, I made it too long, so I ripped part of it out, then the second attempt, which went together "better", still didn't sew up well--perhaps you're not supposed to use the stitches on the side, but rather, like the pattern says, to do a running stitch--meaning to pick up more than just a "stitch" which the result is not so beautiful.

I'll try another tribble another day. Tomorrow, I cast on for my husband's socks. He finally stood still a few minutes to get the measurements. He's got sort of a strange foot, though, and I'm not sure a standard sock is going to fit him. First, he's got a really wide "ball" of his foot, with some really bad bunions--and his heel is quite a bit narrower--I call him my little Troglodite--just between you, me and the fencepost...his feet are quite "angular".

So I'm freaking out about starting this sock, because I want to do it toe up--but the heel/instep measurement is as big as the ball of his foot--which means--what? That he doesn't get a gusset? Seems odd not to have a gusset.

Maybe an afterthought heel would be better?

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crafty wee midden said...

Happy New Year, m'dear. and a hundred thousand apologies if that was my card that caused the problems...... :(

all the very best for you in 2008!