Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Past

Christmas Eve is upon us--and only a scant few hours before the jolly fat guy dressed in red comes down the chimney--what can I say? No cookies for you, fat guy!

We spent most of the morning finishing up wrapping presents, playing video games and reading email--at noon, we set off for JoAnn's fabrics to pick up some bias tape and another yard of the feather trim for the fleece poncho...then we headed for my favorite aunt's house.

We ate good food and snacks and desserts, opened presents--I got a little bit of knitting done on a fair isle hat, but I'm not satisfied with it, so I'll be t'rippin' to the frog pond, then some chatter with good friends and neighbors and family, and then back in the car after an afternoon of good times before the weather turns nasty again. Finally at home once again, and thinking about family, families, and hopes and dreams--mine hasn't turned out so bad, really--and I didn't think it would ever be "good" or "fun" again. This year, somehow, things have been different--even my hubby's noticing that the time of year ain't so bad--he still doesn't like the Christmas Tree business, but maybe next year....

But all in all, looking back, I have to say that right now, at this very moment--this very moment in time--if I think about it hard enough--I have to say that I am not unhappy. Does that mean that I'm "happy"? Well, I don't want to push it or jinx it--but well, Yep. I think I am merry.

Where's that mistletoe?

So I'll prep the car for the gifts that we're taking in the morning--the best of the party won't be till afternoon, and I might finally find the perfect hat for knitting at my in-laws--I really have to hunt for this one--it's not going to be anything really fancy--in fact, I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to make it. That's sort of why I'd like to have something of a pattern--so I'm heading over to Ravelry to peek about.

The roof of my mouth aches--as if I have a sore throat, but my throat isn't sore--just the roof of my mouth. So I asked why my roof of my mouth hurts and I drew the 3 of cups.

This is a card of happy celebrations--parties and well, what else around this time of year did we expect? A time of success and family and honesty and faith and trust...okay, did I stack the deck or what? Of course, this doesn't answer my question--but it does express how I feel in this particular holiday season--with three straight days of party, party and more P A R T Y--the 3 of cups is pretty appropo...but what of this mouth hurting? So I pull the moon.

Ah, yes, the moon.

Of course, you, as a reader of a blog, might not know what I mean by "ah, the moon"...nodding my head and realizing that this card is the card that drives everything that is woman...I always lose a little of my natural resistance to disease when the moon is cycling...and that is what happens now. I will be much improved in a few days, provided that I maintain my defenses.

Which means, drink lots of fluids, get a bit more rest, and keep my hands sanitized. Where did I put the garlic? HONEY?????

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