Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Knitting on the go...

Very often, I take my knitting to work with me.

I knit on my break and on my lunch. I take it with me to the bathroom, and get in a couple more stitches.

I take it to the doctor's office with me while I wait for my name to be called.

I know that some people knit in the car (both when riding or driving--but while driving, just seems to dangerous to me, although knitting at a red light has some merit). Any time waster that can be imagined.

I should be knitting now, but instead I am drinking a cup of coffee, and waiting for my dog to decide that she's ready to go outdoors to go potty. She's not ready to budge yet. She thinks that she should eat before she goes outdoors, I think, because she keeps going over to her food dish, pokes her nose inside hopefully, then comes back and lays down with a heavy sigh. She's not really wanting to eat, though. And even though I fed the cats last night, they are begging for food again this morning. I guess it takes a lot of energy to shivver?

I finished the back to the second sweater vest for my son in something like 3 days (2 of them were weekend days, but I didn't do much knitting over the weekend, since I was so busy), and I'm working hard to get the front done. Then I will start the back to the third sweater. I have this thing planned like a science. I will finish those 3 sweater vests with plenty of time for Christmas, as well as the cordoroy skirt that Judy Draper wants.

After Christmas, I can pretty much knit what I want--the only commissioned article that I have are the green beaters, and I will have to play with them for a while.

In the meantime, I am in a sort of quandry about something that has come to settle into my mind as something that makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Would I live with someone for 7 years, when the last 3 of those 7 years were spent with him sitting on his buns all day, doing nothing--not taking a shower, not shaving, not washing his hair or brushing his teeth, but just basically sitting there, like a lump on a dead log--only to have to discuss the situation with him to let him know he had to *DO* something (work sounds good)--and then he packs his bags and heads out to wherever he can go to get away from being nagged at. Would I then go visit him, talk to him, try bending my rump over backward thinking of ways to "help" him get back to my place--only to have him refuse my help? Why would I offer to help him in the first place? It makes no sense. In the first place, because I am not so desperate to have him in the first place...look how I complained about him when he was with me!? Why would I bring that sort of frustrated human being back into my life? Do I need to bring a homeless man into my home to feel like I've done something good in the world? It's not for tenderness, because for the last 3 years that's been pretty unremarkable, too.

So what is the deal going on here?

Now, I know that I am a married person, and this particular person is not ME--so I draw a tarot card asking why. I pull the 2 of wands reversed, and is titled Courage. This person is lacking in that? She comes off as being one of the strongest personalities in female-dom that I *KNOW*. So this "decision" to bring this guy into her life has really caused me to lose respect for her. She has somehow let me down by letting herself down by taking/bringing this guy back.

I'm sure that she will eventually complain about him again, and at that point, I will say to her "don't complain to me about the problems you bring back into your life after you've managed to remove them from your life". Clearly, this is what you've been wishing for all the time he was away, and frankly, I think you're nuts--but it's your life, and you'll live it as you see fit, just like I do, but don't go around thinking that you're the poster child for the femininist movement--because while you talk a good game, you are still just as desperate for a man to complete you as most women are."

And before you go off thinking that I don't like you, you should know that at the present, I am still on the fence about you--but that I have decided you are not as strong as I once thought you were. My opinion has dropped for you a couple of rungs, I suppose, but that has no real bearing on whether I like you or not. It has been a disappointment to watch you bring destruction into your life again, but I can only say what I can say, and I know that you will argue with me that this is not a problem for you. Honestly, I don't think you can see the forest for the trees.

So go ahead and do whatever it is you're going to do with this sad, sorry excuse for a man. I'll be around if you need a friend one day.

And before you the reader think that this was a female lover, no, not so. Not even really a very close friend--more like someone standing on the outside looking in--an observation point as it were. I've been watching people for quite a long time, and this one has me stymied...so I thought I would write about it. Sometimes people do things that just boggle my mind, so I have to put it on paper with pen to look at it more objectively.

But my best friend says he's a plastic surgeon...(private joke, x-rated).

I don't think that's got anything to do with the matter--it sure wouldn't for me. For instance, I wouldn't let my ex-husband back into my life if my life depended on it!!! Not in a million years.

Well I'm too late for a shower now (see what you do to me?). So I have to go to work as I am. Wait...I have no pants on.

See you!

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