Thursday, February 7, 2008

AHA! That's how it works!

Travelling last night in 10" of slushy snow on the freeway is not my idea of fun.

Apparently it is for some drivers--and I'm sure they curse as they fly past in their 18 Wheel rigs and SUV's, but they sure are scarey, because they drive in what I've marked as "my lane"--simply because there's a track there. And I'm pretty territorial of my track when the roads are messy and I'd rather be home sipping on a hot chocolate.

Once I got on my Michigan highway, while the road was still snow covered (with MY TRACK plainly visible), I pressed on. Road was bumpier than a corn cob with the corn still ON IT. So I'm bouncing along on less than adequate traction. Fearing the worst for the COUNTRY road I have to travel down, I cross my fingers and turn into a relatively pristine snow covered road--with one track. I AM GOOD TO GO! Unfortunately, my hubby has parked in the lower drive, which is where *I* planned to park, and he's snowblowing the upper drive, but it's totally impassable, with only one swath blown out. So I pass the house and head further down to the neighbor's house. They are stuck in the lower end of their driveway, so I can't use their driveway to turn around.

I ended up having to go 3/4 of a mile from my house, just to find a driveway to turn around in! Even then I was worried about getting stuck, but I managed to get myself turned around and headed back in the right direction. I parked in our third driveway near the barn, trying to get as far -in- as I could so the plow wouldn't hit me, but the minute I started in, the wheels started to slip, and the snow pushed me over and I nearly ended up in the sheep pen.

But I was alive.

I got out of the car and kissed the ground....coming back with a faceful of snow. The sheep stood there and looked at me with their "what IS this idiot doing?" face. Then, they started to yammer---something about being hungry...

So I took care of the sheep, trudging in 10" of snow to the barn to get a couple flakes of hay, then up to the house to help with the driveway. Hubby calls me over...

"Here, take my keys and bring my car up." Loudly, over the motor of the snowblower.

"WHAT? Are you crazy? I'm all done moving cars!"

"We need to get them in. If a plow goes through tonight, they'll bury us in!"

"FINE! I didn't want to go to work tomorrow anyway!" But I took his keys and moved his car.

Now, as fine a hubby as my hubby is, he is not sometimes the smartest kid in class--he failed to remember that cars don't make 90 degree turns on a dime and leave 9 cents change on the pavement. Getting his car in was a challenge, but I did finally get it up the drive....slid into the yard twice, and breathed a heavy sigh of relief when I turned off the ignition.

However, MY CAR was not so ammenable to the idea of turning into the driveway. Part of the problem is that the tires are about 2 years old now, and about that time, their "tractionability" is pretty much dead in the water, and so all I do on the driveway, in even 1/2" of snow, is spin.

So, we spin, spin spin. Got stuck twice having backed out improperly. A handy-dandy fellow with a snowmobile came down to give us a hand.

Finally, he takes the car down to the corner, turns around and comes back. Second Try.

Spin, Spin Spin

He didn't try a third time. He parked MY car in the lower drive, with my trunk about 4" from the roadway. I guess it's okay if MY car gets plowed in. Ah, now I understand.

So I got up this morning with him, got dressed in my cold weather "gear", and headed out to clean off my car.

I can't get in. The doors are frozen shut. Finally managed to get one of the BACK doors open, but soon realized that I couldn't reach the ignition from the back seat. So, I got out of the back seat, and pushed on the front door from the inside, around the opening for the back door, while holding onto the edge of the front door, and it FINALLY came loose.

I took the ignition key off the ring, turned the car over, turned on the heaters and defrosters, and closed it up and locked it and trudged back to the house. I stomped my feet in the garage and left enough snow to make a little snowman on the floor. I stepped into the house to write this.

Now, I'm at work. There's no one here. Go figure.

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