Friday, February 22, 2008

No Knitting Thursday

I had to go to the post office after work, so I decided since I had to "run about", that I would go see Mom Draper. I'd found out she has another doctor's appointment, so I thought it was prudent. I also haven't seen her since November, and haven't talked with her since December, and I've been thinking about her, so I went.

I stopped at McDonald's to eat (yes, yes...of course I did) and called my hubby on the phone to tell him what I was up to, and what I intended to do after my visit. Since there's no food in the house save for soup and peanut butter (no bread, though), figured grocery shopping was next on my to do list.

So after I ate, I drove to the nursing home to see my mother in law.

Her roommate had a stroke, and isn't doing well, so the roommate was moved to a different section of the nursing home where she can get better nursing care. My mother in law is pretty much okay--she just needs to be where someone can respond quickly--in case she falls (low blood pressure) or her heart machine gives up the ghost (defibrulator). Anyway, we talked about my sock book, and we talked about family.

Apparently Randy (my ex) is still on Medical Leave from his work. I guess when he fell, the MRI shows 3 compressed vertebrae in his lower back. He's in physical therapy, but until he loses about 150 pounds, he's going no where with that. She also told me that he can't find a comfortable spot to sleep, and sleeps on the davenport pretty often. I think I know how to read between the lines with that one! He can't pay the bills with no income, and she can't pay the bills on her income, so they're having trouble.

And of course you know that with compressed disks, he's not going to be able to ride his motorcycle.

Well, my heart just bleeds. You and I both know that there is no way that he's going to allow compressed disks to get in the way of using his toy--in fact, that's probably more likely the cause of his injury. Yes, he may have fallen--but it is more likely that the fall only exacerbated the existing problem, since he'd never had an MRI before the fall.

In short, I don't believe he's got a problem AT ALL, and he's just milking it. Mom said he goes to physical therapy and rolls around on the floor, and that he does really good with that. If he does so good with that, how come he's getting up night after night...out to the dav into the bedroom. I know the answer to that one. Honest! I do!

We talked about the pictures in the room, and how Judy's mother looks just like her sister! I mean, they could be twins. Judy says that everyone said SHE looks most like her mother, but I think that that mom got her nose from her mother and that's about it.

Too soon, mom needed to prepare for the nightly ritual and go to bed, so I took off to get groceries.

I found some darn good deals at Meijer's! Because of that, I filled my cart with all sorts of food--much of it will last for weeks! I shopped until I was just about to drop and spent over $200.

When I got home, I had to wake hubby up because it was just before 9pm--WAY past his bedtime. He helped put stuff away, and I got to sit down and watch Lost and Eli Stone, a show with a cute premise, but bores me to death, and fell asleep in my rocking chair. To be fair, I actually had taken a sleeping pill, and I was exhausted.

Today, I am late again, because hubby let the fire go out, and it didn't stay lit this morning, so I am going to stay home until it's going well, and then I'll head in. What with the weather we've been having, I can't afford to let the house freeze up.

I'm going to take some coffee to work with me, and start making coffee at the office. I'm tired of paying for the stuff they make in the party store, and the guy that runs the joint makes $$ hand over fist. He was charging for stamps and making 4 cents profit on each one he sold (he sold them for $0.45) because the post office removed the stamp dispenser in the building due to cutbacks. He got caught doing that, and now can't sell stamps anymore. If it hadn't been for his greed, we'd still have access to a vending machine!

So much for that rant. He had no business making a profit off the sale of federal property. Of course, who knew it was illegal?

Looks like the fire will stay lit this time.

I'll take some coffee to work with me so that I don't have to drink the party store stuff, and maybe a bowl and some oatmeal--ooo that sounds so good!

Maybe I need to groceryshop for the office, too! LOL. See you. I'm off to work. And it's FRIDAY to boot!

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