Friday, February 15, 2008

Be My Valentine??

Hmm. This year Valentine's Day has left a sour taste in my mouth.

Let's see...

Wednesday, I missed 5 hours of work because my husband needed a ride and a wrecker....he got a very nice card, with a very nice sentiment and a box of chocolate turtles. Recently, he got a brand new pair of hand-knit socks.

Me, I've been working my buns off trying to make up the time I missed from work on Wednesday, got kicked out of the band, and (to be fair) he is taking me to dinner this weekend BUT

I really needed some small gesture on "the day".

Is it too much to ask? Just a small gesture--a flower on my pillow? A card? I mean, especially after getting dumped by a whole group of people I called friends. After all I've done, and all the disappointment I've been through over the last 24 hours!!?

I now understand why some women take lovers--someone who will pay attention to all the little things, and hold you snugly when you feel like the world is crushing down on you.

Yup. Real sour taste. If any men read this, I surely hope you take heed of the woman in your life. She may not be there tomorrow.

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Knitted Piper said...

sorry to hear about the band, and your bad v-day. I've never been a big fan of v-day (but assumed it was becuase I'm a bitter single old cow that no-body would send a v-day card to anyway). yesterday my DD and I both wished each other "happy stupid day", so I guess it's not just me !!

today is another day, and you cant change the past ..... pick up your knitting, relax, and look forward to dinner with the hubby this weekend.


p.s. glad to see your highland/argyle socks are in the same place as mine !!