Sunday, February 10, 2008

Evening in the house

Evening in the house and hubby complains that it's cold in here. Sure sign that the temps are dropping to the single digits outside. This morning pans out--it is quite frigid outside, and the fire's gone out.

So I'm making coffee. I'm making Paramount's Mackinac Island Fudge coffee. Talk about your caffeine attack! It's like drinking mellow coffee with hot cocoa--both favorites. The mixture Paramount uses is PERFECT with a capital P. The only game that can top this one is Bigby's Little Teddy Bear--caramel and white chocolate--heck, it's almost like drinking a chocolate bar!

NAYY, but if you can find some of this stuff--try it. It's amazing.

Anyway, I was working on my Breeze (photo above), and I happened to get up from my chair to look out the sliding glass door and stretch for a minute, and I found this:

Now, I figure that you gotta be one tired cat in order to fit your entire body (and this cat is no slouch!) into a box that's only maybe 8 x 10 inches (a cat's version of the American Cubicle in in 1" = 1 ft). She slept through the flash and didn't even flinch! I wonder sometimes how they can contort their bodies into such tiny spaces, but when I think of my cubicle at the office, I think, yeah...okay.
Barb, at So the Thing is, is always doing this picture thing with her yellow cat. Barb--gotta tell you-I think all cats do that curled toe thing...check it out...

of course, you know that this effect woke the cat up, and he's just so adept at escaping the perfect picture....or else he looks like he's hungover...I suppose waking him up wasn't the best idea?

In the meantime, Mandy, who is usually so camera shy--figured since everyone else gets their picture, then I'll sit pretty and wait for MINE. Can't imagine why she sat still for this one, since the flash went off right in her eyes. I think that hurts dog's eyes...I really need to start taking her picture without flash.

It's crazy though, she looks hungover too! Maybe I need to ensure the liquor cabinet is locked for the night. I think they might be getting into my "stash". People are going to put me away for letting my animals drink alcohol!

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