Friday, February 1, 2008

Very Interesting...

I've awakened with my hubby to help get him going this morning with some coffee. Once he's out the door, I'm going to prepare for my day. This means oatmeal, coffee, pictures of the knitting I did last night.

What? Pictures? Yes, I got scads of knitting done last night. I am nearly done with the skein of yarn, and not quite done with the cuff. I really like the method I used to increase for the extra size for the back of hubby's calf, but no where near sure it will be enough--and before I can try it on him, I have to undo the afterthought waste yarn. So you know I'm going to knit just as far as I can before I try it on him.

Here's the progress so far.

Front, back and detail of the increases I chose for the back of his legs. I did 7 extra ribs expansion to accommodate a 10.5" ankle to a 14.5" calf. I know that it's not going to be enough. I figure I'll need at least another 7 extra ribs expansion--or 28 stitches to accommodate the change in size. It happens quick, too, so I'm thinking the next row is going to be this massive change to allow for it.

And if it doesn't work, it will be frogging and going back to the drawing board.

I'm glad that I was abl to get the extra skein, too. While it's not an "exact" match to what I have, it will be hidden underneath the pantleg and in the heel--so I'm not concerned. Incredibly, there might actually be enough left for me to make a pair of footies out of the leftovers for me.

Today, I go to work. After work, I pick up my son and we're going to a performance at Wharton Center. Ray was going to go, and in fact, bought the tickets, but with his car trouble it will be impossible for me to get him, get my son, and get back in time for the performance. It was my hope that Ray would have his car business worked out--indeed, he does have a loaner, but can only ride within the city limits without his plate, which unfortunately, sits in my car.

I could take today off if I really wanted to--that would give me the time to run Ray's plate to him--get my son, do some more knitting and maybe make a go of this evening. Seems like too much work to me.

We took the bandage off my incision yesterday, and I had hubby take a pic this morning so that I could see what it looks like. Well--what did I expect? It looks like a muppet grew on my back...take a look (don't worry, it's not gruesome). It's pretty funny--the doctor had to draw a circle around it to make sure he got the right one...wait....there was only one to take...I thought this guy went to school for 7 years!
It looks like it's healing nicely.
I'm okayed for a shower now. Yeah, I think I might just as well stay home so that I can get those "things" accomplished. He bought the tickets, and I would feel horrible if he missed the show. Of course you know, the weather is supposed to be crappy--and he really shouldn't be out driving in it. Decisions. Decisions.
So I pull a tarot card. The 8 of pentacles. Seems to say I should go to work--after all, pentacles, coins, payroll, sort of follows, right?
Instead it speaks to maintaining the dogged determination to get to a goal...showing diligence,
making an effort, working hard, applying yourself totally, being absorbed in a project, dedicating yourself to a task, plugging away, producing steady results. To me, this applies more to finishing up the issues with Ray's car, more than getting to work and finishing up my week there--which I can manage anytime (although 4 days off work means I have a huge backlog that I'm really going to have to apply myself to in order to "git er done!" I do care about my friends, and I would feel really bad if he didn't at least get the chance to go--I mean, the weather might keep him from attending ANYWAY, but that's out of my control. I suppose that he could perhaps spend the night with us--oh, but I haven't talked to Jeff about such matters...I don't seriously think it would be a problem...First, though, daylight needs to happen, and that hasn't yet. A resolution is forming--because I'm not thrilled about Ray driving down here in this weather. I, however, can drive in anything.
So here's my plan:
shh it's a secret right now....
At daylight, I'm going to check out the roads and how traffic is moving--shower, get dressed warmly, start my car to get it heated, and then I'll call Ray. I'll tell him to shower and get ready for the performance, and pack for an overnight.
Run out to the motorhome and pull in the air-bed.
Get into my car and run to Alma to get Ray. Check out the roadways. Give him his plate. If the roads are okay, he can put on his plate and drive himself and leave the "overnight" stuff at home. Otherwise, he'll leave his loaner car in Alma, bring overnight stuff and stay at our house, because I'm not driving two people home on Friday night.
Come back home and knit for a while. Go get my son...he brings overnight gear as well. My son and Ray sleep on the airbed in the living room. Saturday, I take both home HOWEVER...
Sunday is band practice....maybe I'll just keep them here until Sunday???????? Okay, that's going to seem a little weird, but I can't be running hither and thither all weekend!!! Not sure if I can make this work, but I'm going to try. My hubby's best friend used to come over and spend days at a time with us--of course, that was sort of an okay deal with me--and I didn't mind one bit taking care of Bud--but for me to bring two friends into the house? I'm worried about putting my hubby over the edge. LOL!
Okay, I need help.
My Border Collie loves to kiss me. Everywhere. It's fine, when she's kissing, but after the kissing, I get cold. I've taught her "no kiss", but she always catches me unawares, and I get a kiss before I can get "no kiss" out.
Now I understand that this is a form of respect in the "doggie world", and it means she views me as the alpha female in the house, but the constant "kissing" is leaving me with cold feelings--on legs, hands, arms -- anyplace that tongue can reach! I have to shut her out of the bathroom as she would like to get a little too affectionate there--and I've been very firm with a solid "NO"--you BC owners know what I mean. She loves me to death, she respects me. She follows me around like my own personal shadow. She was abused, and has latched on to me as her very bestest friend in the whole wide world--and she loves to play ball--all the time. She's really a good dog!
How do I know she's been abused?
The flyswatter.
She's afraid of the flyswatter. She needs only to hear me pick it up, and she's gone-hiding. I'm not joking or exaggerating. She's entirely fearful of
The flyswatter.
Sometimes, all I have to do is SAY "I'm going to get the FLYSWATTER!", and she runs to her bed behind the facilities in the bathroom, and hides with her paws over her face. It's just the most unusual thing!
My previous BC was afraid of the shepherd's hook. She wouldn't work around a shepherd's hook. Broom handles had the same effect. My cocker spaniel was afraid of the vacuum sweeper. Go figure.
But a flyswatter is Mandy's worst nightmare. She cowers and crouches, goes all submissive on me, and then--more if to say "what did I do wrong, mommy?" So I don't use the flyswatter word much around the house--in fact, I'm not even sure where it is at this time. It was in the bedroom, because we were having trouble with her on the bed--not laying still, staying in one place, kicking us both out, yes, it's been quite a struggle for nighttime property space...but things seem to be working out in that respect.
Last night the neighborhood fox was barking outdoors. Mandy heard it, and started growling and barking a warning. I had to praise her for watching the house, but also had to tell her it was okay, and that it was just the fox, and that she could go back to bed. She barked once more for good measure, then came back to the bedroom to watch over us.
She's a keeper.

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