Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finished Breeze!

Well, after all is said and done with the Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band, as I said two bands would just love to have me come down and play with them.

I've been conversing via email with a friend of mine for whom I am spinning chiengora--his band is Grade 3, and he's willing to let me ride down with him. Another drumming instructor, he recognises my talent, and is more than willing to take me as a student--perhaps bring me up to Grade 3 play--that could take some time, quite literally, and with all my new hobbies going on--well, I'm just not sure that I can give it my full attention.

Another drumming instructor called me last night and practically begged me to come to this party in Flint, but when Grand Rapids booted me, I made other plans for my weekend. Beyond that, Ray's car is totalled, and the loaner he's driving isn't in that great a shape. He's also not used to it, and afraid to take it out beyond the city limits because it's not HIS yet. I can understand that. So we both stayed home this weekend.

Now it's looking like Monday is going to be out as a day to take the uniforms back as well, because the weather is supposed to be really cruddy duddy. So perhaps I'll just wait until the Spring THAW. For that matter, had I thought of it, I would have met one of them at the gas station on the corner as they passed through on their way back from the party in Flint--and just handed everything over. Then I wouldn't have to make the trip at all.

It's okay--there's a chance that I can get my drumming instructor to return it for me in early March when we go to practice for his band. All depends on the timing really. Just depends on the timing.

Today, I called Ray to tell him the instructor from Flint called me last night, then I called my son to tell him about things, but he wasn't awake. Later in the day, Ray called me to tell me that the instructor is going to call him back, and then I missed my son's callback. Now I've got another call in to him.

But, I finished my Knitty Breeze, and that's a wonderful thing! I'm wearing them now, and they are so comfy!

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