Saturday, February 9, 2008

Soaking Wet in the North Country

We got hammered with snow on Wednesday.
Today, it's raining, after a little bit of snow last night. It's bone chillin' cold because of the wet.

I am sitting at my puter reading mail, blogging, thinking about my knitting and my kitchen at the same time.

I dreamt about an old boyfriend last night. I've actually had too many of those in order to dream about him every night (LOL!). I suppose that's why I call him an old boyfriend...I suppose I could put my memories down here.

I met him in a little coffee house in East Lansing on the MSU campus. It was open mike night, and people would get up on stage and perform--hoping to be asked to play again on a night when they could get paid--sort of a rehersal, I suppose. I don't even remember how I found out about the place, but I used to go nearly every Tuesday night to play my guitar and sing the most recent song that I'd written.

One night, while waiting for my turn, he took the stage. GAD he was just adorable. Dark hair and eyes, moustache, maybe all of 5'6. NICE smile, soft, well proportioned body. Hoo hoo. He was cute. His name was Tom. I couldn't stop looking at him. When he was done with his 20 minute "bit", he came to sit down, and when he passed, I told him "nice voice", because his melodious voice could have put a canary to shame.

The next Tuesday, he was there again, and he sat with ME. Now this was a huge thing, because he literally could have sat with any woman in the joint, but instead, he chose me. And even though I told myself "Easy now, girl..." well, he was just too wonderful for words. He was funny, articulate and intelligent. I was so totally hooked it wasn't even funny.

We spent quite a lot of time together the next few weeks. I was hooked. I found out he had some personal problems just like me (in fact, when I looked at him emotionally, I thought he was my twin!), neither of us was working in any real sense. He wanted to be a teacher--but he was very particular where he wanted to be, and anywhere else, just wouldn't make him happy.

We broke up because he wanted to see other people, and I wanted to be exclusive. Definitely a problem there, and when he asked if we could still be friends, I shook my head no, and walked him to the door and said goodbye.

Then, drama queen that I am, I had an emotional breakdown and sat on the steps and cried until I thought I was going to die. My heart broke into a million pieces, and I was distraught this way for two and a half weeks.

Then I got out of bed one day and told myself I wouldn't think about him anymore. I mean, that's how I did things back then. The next time I saw him at the coffee house, he was with another girl. I left immediately and without a word, and never went back. It meant that I couldn't go to any of the places that we used to go to, which wasn't that much trouble. But I was very lonely.

So I took up Volleyball and signed up for a singles club. In no time I was dating Randy...and that's where and when all the REAL trouble started.

So there you go.

Knitwise, I have another pair of Breeze started, and I am halfway down the heel. I like the heel on the breeze slipper footie, because it's got a cable in it that is only 4 rows deep, and it hugs my heel very nicely. It's a heel flap, which makes it easy for top down sox, and the cable pulls in what extra knitted fabric would be there were I to make a normal heel--which I find is too "flappy" anyway. So I think that the breeze heel is a nicer heel than a heel flap. Perhaps I have unusually narrow heels? Could be. I've never thought of my feet as "narrow" in any sense...since they are so BIG (size 9's).

I've got another washcloth to make, but first I have to find the I suppose that I will go and drink some coffee and get back to my knitting and finding that elusive Valentine pattern.

See you tomorrow!

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