Saturday, February 23, 2008

How Cool is That?

What a dream I had this morning!

Two ex-boyfriends and an ex-husband! I think I've slept enough!

I finished another dishcloth. The navy and cream is blocking, and I need coffee--since it's 5am.

Last night I was exhausted, so I took my medication a little earlier than normal and fell into a heap at 8pm. I slept uninterrupted until about 4:30, which is about right, and slowly came to total awareness by 5am. I just love weekends. I have no idea why I can't seem to get into bed by 8pm on weekdays--maybe because my life is just too full.

The biggest problem now is that I have an ear worm. This is the worst sort of affliction that a musician can have. It is where some certain song, and not always the same one, mind you, keeps playing over and over in your head until you think you're going to go stark raving lunatic mad. Today's ear worm (and I get these quite often) is Glen Campbell's "Everyday Housewife".

Oops! I think I just dated myself.

Oh, such are the dreams of the everyday housewife, you see anywhere anytime of the day.

The everyday housewife who gave up the good life for me.

Okay, now we know that some men think being "unmarried" is the good life. Boy--do they need to get a clue or what? Unmarried men die sooner. And, to that, a sure fire way to get rid of them all--is for the women to unite, and never marry. (I'm laughing at the absurdity of my morning thoughts.)

As I write, the dishcloth is cooling on the wires, and the coffee is nearly done brewing. I can smell it now--this is Irish Creme flavored. I bet we like it just as much as the Raspberry Creme flavored (yuck). Who drinks this stuff anyway? Chocolate, Hazelnut, and regular coffee have been (well Caramel comes third, I suppose) acceptable for my taste. I'm glad my husband didn't by me one pound bags of this stuff--it stinks. I'll have to run a lavender stick in order to get the smell under control. I can tell my husband isn't going to like this one at all, could tell by the GROUNDS even, so I made up the whole thing--so we can get rid of it when it's gone cold. Okay, here I go. I'm getting a cup...I'm tasting...

Okay, final analysis is 3 out of 5 stars. Not outstanding, but not unacceptable either. It doesn't taste like strong liquor, rather mellow in fact. It's not my first pick, but it's mild enough that I would probably drink it again one day. The SMELL is attrocious! Otherwise, a perfectly reasonable coffee.

My latest dishcloth contribution. Still on the wires, so it looks odd, but I like the little "windows", except the one left open in the lower left. The curtains are being sucked outdoors. I hate it when that happens. But nobody's perfect.

I've been meaning to begin a pair of socks. I want to try this "form fitted arch" that everyone is talking about. Now the colorwork I can live without--that's what self-striping yarn is for! So I picked out the yarn, but I'm not sure that it's the right yarn for me to use....for instance...I want to use this:

which turns out a wide stripe in alternating colors, but I'm now wondering if that might be too bold? I would like for this yarn to show itself off in something fair isle--with perhaps black--or even to use it to weave a cloth to go with my black and yellow McLeod of Lewis kilt (which I can't wear right now because I have gained ...counting...okay, too much weight!).

So maybe the form fitted arch isn't calling for this yarn? I'm thinking I might be right.

So back to the sock yarn bin to make a better decision.

And Mandy will NOT leave me alone. She is constantly under my feet "herding" me. And this coffee is good. Maybe there is some liquor in there--let me know if my typing gets out of whack.

Oh, it's getting late in the day! Time to begin Knitting!


Donna said...

Ok hope you are happy I now have that stuck in mu head!! Your dream sounds interesting--of course that sounds more like a nightmare to me. You knitting looks great and I love the yarns you are using. I haven't picked up needles in almost 2 weeks now. Have a great day.

Lindy said...

Your KAL looks great!!! I like the way the contrast shows off the pattern.

DawnK said...

Someone in my knitting group is knitting some socks with Regia yarn. Her's is a more mottled pattern and the knitted socks look like the ball she is knitting from.
It's bamboo yarn/wool/polyamide fibers.

My daughter has some opal sock yarn, that is going to make wide stripes, too. She is excited about it.