Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sleepless in Eagle

Last night was a no brainer. Even though I take a sleeping pill, last night, she no work. She no sleep. 2 AM, still awake. Enough to make one "mad, mad I tell you!"

Last evening, was spin night, and I took 4 oz of Chiengora from the big bag of chiengora, and put it in a little bag of chiengora. This makes it easier to spin a consistent weight...every skein is 4 oz, and since I spin fairly consistently, it makes a nice 3 ply bulky weight for knitting a blanket.

So I decide to have a cup of cocoa at my best friend's house--cocoa being one of those drinks that's considered "soothing" for settling in after a cold day to relax and have a chat with close friends. It tasted a little funny to me, but still chocolate--and before you think I'm saying that it was spiked--forget it. It was Swiss Miss. How can you spike Swiss Miss?

I enjoyed it, save for the funny aftertaste, and spun about half of the 4 oz bag. When I came home, the roads were horrible with slick slush, and had trouble getting up the driveway--ending up spinning into the lawn and tearing up the grass.

Well, it must have had an additional dose of caffeine, because I stayed up and watched WWE Raw (my favorite Monday night show--just because it happens when I get home from Knit Knight), and then, just about 20 minutes before the show was to end, I took my sleeping pill, and settled into the chair to watch the end of the show--but then I tried to go to sleep.

Imagine that? I thought I could actually SLEEP with a sleeping pill--but I think I could have put it under the pillow for the sleeping pill fairy for all the good it did me. Now, I'm a morning person, but I hit the snooze this morning for 1/2 hour, and then got up, dressed, read a couple of emails, let the dog out, fed the dog, got my knitting "take along" project ready to go, took a couple of pictures which you'll see much later--started my car, realized I hadn't taken my yogurt or my pop, so back into the house to get these items, and then headed out the driveway. I drove my 20 minutes to the office, got my bagel and coffee, took the elevator, sat down in my chair, traded my snow boots for my tennis shoes, and turned on my computer, ending up here.

I'm exhausted. Can I go home now?

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