Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I want to know...

What is it that would bring someone to harm a 3 month old baby girl, break 17 bones in her tiny body, in order to satisfy himself?


I just think the relatively "normal" ones of us should really be up in arms about this.

The whole thing just boggles my mind and heads me in the direction of utter dismay over the deterioration of men's (and some women's) behavior.

I've said it before, though perhaps not here--I don't believe I belong here. I am an alien in this society. I think there's some serious cleaning needed in the gene pool.

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DawnK said...

What is with people like that? I think it often is a "boyfriend" and not a husband, when children are shaken or beaten, as an infant. Not to say that all non-married baby daddies are like that, but the ones that make the newspaper are.