Friday, February 29, 2008

It's the Weekend!

I'm very happy!
It's the weekend.
I have a pair of socks on the needles.
Tomorrow begins the March Dishcloth KAL.
I get to "start" the second sleeve on my fair isle.

Of course, I have laundry, housework and dishes to do on Saturday.
I'm expected to go to Ann Arbor on Sunday.
I pulled the High Priestess for my evening card.

Let's just say that things are going well.

And it starts with the WEEKEND!

Coming home was a little worrisome--the snow that we got for most of the day turned into a snow/ice/rain mix on the way home, and so of course, I took it easy going home. When I got here, I had a package from Peaches and Creme--lots and lots of wonderful yarn along with my order for Peach colors in order to do the Have a Heart Spa Ensemble found here.

Very nice pattern, very nice ensemble, and you can order your yarn to coordinate with your bath--not only that, but you can then ask for more coordinating yarn in order to max out the shipping--so you're not paying out a lot for shipping for only 4 skeins of cotton. And you get a nice Christmas Present in February/March with colors that you weren't expecting!

I would be uploading pics of my latest stuff, but when I upgraded to Firefox as my browser, Flickr decided it wanted me to have it's special uploader software. So I'm downloading. I've got about 3 mg left to go, then I have to upload a lot of pictures to Flickr, then post on Ravelry, then I want to knit some more, and I'm already getting a bit tired.

The High Priestess is a good card for me today because it means that my psychic connection is at it's highest at this time, and that I need to listen to my inner voice and intuition and something will be told to me that will explain things. Beyond that, it also means that I'll be starting soon on a new creative adventure and that my life is changing.

This perhaps means that I'm not supposed to run out and join another Bagpipe Band--I'm still rather "on the fence" about the whole matter...You know how it is when you can't make a decision about something--it's difficult to nail much of anything down.

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