Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hubby's Idea of Fun

My hubby, being something of a mensa wannabe decided to help his dad with this puzzle...

There are only 9 pieces. He has numbered each piece, one through nine.
He's trying to put it together--he's been at it for DAYS.
Not minutes, not hours
The puzzle is something of an enigma for me--the picture is of eagles in various shapes, configs and sizes, but no piece is the same, and the pattern is such that it tricks the eyes into thinking "here's the answer", only to be fooled again. One has to look at it and NOT see the pattern to solve it. There is some small thing in each 4 sided puzzle piece that reveals the "trick", and for the uninitiated, "seeing" the trick isn't easy. I remember these kinds of puzzles from long ago--but I don't remember the trick. Hubby thought by numbering them, eventually, he would find the center piece and be able to solve the puzzle.
He finally gave up today...notice that it's not put together yet?

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