Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Projects on the Needles!

I finally opened up my fair isle ala Philosophers' Wool, and didn't even get the chance to work on it.

I started the Monthly Knit Along for the Dishcloth group, and did my 10 rows this morning on my break at the office--then I started a "soap sock" for the hand-made soap that a friend of mine gave me. So, in fact, I have 3 projects going at once--two are at the office, and the fair isle is at home (simply because it's too big to take to the office).

I also finished another bobbin of chiengora yesterday. I have to let it "rest" for 24 hours, then I can ply it--perhaps tomorrow.

Tonight, when I got home, I was in a very surly mood. Now, I'm better. I think because I got some food into me. I get very ornery when I'm hungry. When the tummy growls, so does the woman!

So I'm going to post a little, then I'm going to open up the fair isle sweater, and try to work on it. I'm a little distracted, and hope that I can get past that, because the sweater needs to be nearly completed by March, and it's right around the corner!! So I better go, get going, get started.

Does it sound like I'm procrastinating? I am. I want to read some email, too.

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