Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've completely lost it!

Okay, not my mind--not this time anyway.

I have 2, size 1 40 inch circular needle baggies. I keep my addi turbos in their bags so that I don't lose track of them. Why I have two baggies and only one actual PAIR is beyond me.

So I must have lost them, but I'm checking Ravelry to see if I've really REALLY lost them, or if I'm "just losing it" after all. Nope, I've lost a pair.

Huh! I wonder where they got off to?


Those of you who have been reading my blog and are also in the band can stop copying the mail, now. I won't be talking about the band (at least not for the time being) or the people in it for some time, so the reading will be plenty boring for you! But I will talk about you in the future sometime when I'm good and ready. Just so you know, I'm aware that you're reading my blog and passing along information and misrepresenting what I say here. So you can stop that behavior now.

I started working on another pair of socks. They are turning out quite nicely, and this is precisely how I found out that I had lost one pair of my needles. I decided that the size 2's were going to make a sock much too big for my foot (meaning around) and went back to the instructions---of course, it's asking for a size 1 needle...but the yarn asks for a size 2 or 3. The "hand" is nice, but the stitches are just a few too many--so if I go down a needle size...

Okay, so I try my size 1's in my "feeler gauge" for knitters, and find that they are 2.5MM, an not really size 1's--so I look for 2.25MM...I find an empty bag (size 2.5mm), and scratch my head. Where in heaven's name did they go? So I hunt, and of course, can't seem to find them, so I transferred the stitches to my Inox 2.25mm 29" cable circular needle.

Okay, this hurts. Needle is too small really for any reasonable work with magic loop.

I'll need to regroup and rethink...right now, a bit too hard for the mind that I lost somewhere.

Hubby is trying to work out a plan to pick up our corn at the mill tomorrow. I think he's got a plan set--we'll see how things go there, too.

I'm off to McDonald's to get us something to eat. I'll write more when I get back, and maybe, just maybe, I'll tell everyone some more dirt on the personnel in the Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band...just because I feel like being ornery right now.

Then again, maybe not.

Yeah, I choose not. Simply because it's not worth it...but if you're wondering, It's FLINT AND ANN ARBOR!

Okay, 'nuf said.

I got through one and one half repeats of my sock pattern tonight. The color repeat is going to be a bit off--either from the dye job not being quite "right on" or else I knit one sock tighter than the other for several stitches.

I've been watching television tonight. Vin Diesel (sp?) in "The Pacifier". I think Vin's a hunk--akin to many of the pro wrestlers I watch on WWE and WWF.

Oh, I hear you groaning over there.

Yes, I watch that stuff! I think it's fascinating! Never mind the hard bodies--I think that the different personalities are really something else. My favorites are John Cena, Triplel H and Jeff Hardy--I also like Shawn Michaels, who is going up against The Nature Boy, Rick Flair next week. Rick Flair is an old old old old

did I say he was old?

guy...who's been around longer than Hulk Hogan (were that possible) and Rowdy Roddy Piper and Piper's Pit!

Yeah, I've been watching this stuff for a lot of years!

Anyway, Shawn gave Rick Flair this REALLY super introduction LAST week (which I must have missed due to knitting or something unimportant like that--) HA! Anyway Rick is being inducted into the World Wrestling Hall of Fame as the only inductee STILL active in the world of wrestling--which is quite impressive. The owner of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment aka World Wrestling Federation or WWF) ordained that the next match Rick lost, he would have to retire.

So Rick's been doing a lot of wrestling lately, and he hasn't lost any since the announcement. Unfortunately, if he loses to Shawn Michael's (who agreed to the match under protest, but states "it would be an honor to wrestle you, Rick!"), it will be the end of his career--elsewise, Shawn Michael's will lose quite a bit of favor..

So shoot me! I found a new obsession with lots of drama in it! HA!

I've completely lost it, haven't I?

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