Friday, February 15, 2008


Well, the week was a long one, but it's finally over, and I get to relax this weekend and enjoy three days of "somewhat" uninterrupted bliss. The only thing to interrupt said "bliss" is that I will be taking my uniform and drums over to Grand Rapids to return to the band.

I've already got two friends willing to take me into their band to practice and play. It almost sounds like I'm a "hot commodity". Considering that there aren't a lot of female snare drummers out there, I think I'm sort of an enigma--or perhaps akin to one of the world's natural wonders--ha! But for what it's worth, the offers have been a big boost to my ego, and have really lessened the sense of loss that I've been feeling.

I was chatting with Ray on the telephone today, and I got the impression that the entire thing had nothing at all to do with the band itself, and was never put to a vote--but that the decision was made by either the PM and the DS, or the PM alone. Which makes it neither better or worse. I've still been ousted.

And I have been knitting--I've got about 36 more rows to go on the Knitty "Breeze", plus the toe, which I think is about 19 rows if memory serves. I've finally made this pair correctly--knits and purls in the right places, and the extra "knitting" has made it take longer to knit, as I have to keep track more closely. Otherwise, they are coming along nicely.

Monthly Dishcloths at Yahoo Groups has likely got their mid-month KAL online, and I've got to check my email to see if the item has been posted, and I see that it has been! Yay!

I figure that I'll have the Knitty socks done this weekend for sure, and then I will work on my Fair Isle a la Philosopher's Wool again. When I get bored with that, I'll work on the dishcloth, then back to the Wool and some spinning. I plan to enjoy myself, as I should.

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