Thursday, November 22, 2007


Perhaps it doesn't require that sort of response, but it sure helps my frazzled nerves.

Now, please don't forget, I am a married person. Totally. Completely. Unequivocably.

Forever. To this one person--until this one person decides HE doesn't wanna be no more--at least not to me. That's saying something for my committment and fortitude--

REAL fortitude, let me tell you...

But... I was propositioned yesterday.


I don't get propositioned--I mean, I'm fat and ugly with buck teeth and a mole on my chin with hairs growing out of it--sort of ugly. The only thing going for ME is my personality, which can turn just as ugly as my face if I'm forced into a corner. Worse yet, I have big cold feet and knees--yes, you heard it here folks--I have cold knees. I climb in bed and cuddle, and my husband says

"oh, paybacks!"

sigh..married life, right?

What I can't figure out is where he got my email--oh, didn't I tell you? hahahahh! Silly me! Yeah, proposition via email.

Well, being the proverbial cat with curiosity, I went to this fellow's website--I possibly shouldn't admit to that here, but and here's a blog with a big old motorcycle on it, with a woman on the back--and I think--OH MY GOD! I've just been propositioned, via email, by a lesbian!

But, then I read the profile, okay--it SAYS it's a guy, but how do you know????? I mean HOW DO YOU REALLY KNOW?

But in the first place--why would I even CARE? Remember, I am a married person--but still, you know, curious...about how this person got my email, etc....

Then I got to thinking...

I gave my ex my email, long ago, when I tried to get him to join the bagpipe band and he's got a motorcycle...and the profile he gave sounds a lot like some of the things he would say, since he thinks he's God's gift--but you know what? My ex is married, too . So of course, you know that I had crazy dreams filled with all sorts of nuts--and I do mean nuts.

So if you're reading my blog, and my "profile", which is only in ONE place--I hope that I haven't offended you, but I am not interested--I was just curious for a minute. And if you're my ex, well, let's just say you can take a flying leap! Not only do I honor my own marriage, I also honor other women's marriages--which is more than I can say for YOU.

Now that's been said...I can continue...

It's been an odd day/night, and coffee tastes good, and my nerves are calming and I'm prepping for the day. The plan for the weekend is to knit. And other than visiting family, that's the entire plan. There may be some housecleaning . There may be some singing--after um, other xtra-curricular activities (no that was not a typo). So steer clear of my house, because I can't sing for anything. Frogs try to sing louder when they hear me sing. It's just not my thing, I suppose, but I digress way off the topic of this paragraph! LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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crafty wee midden said...

no wonder your nerves are frazzled - strange out of the blue things like that that are very unsettling!
Coffee, and a slice of that cake, and lots of knitting and cuddles from the animals(snakes included) sounds like the order of the day. And draw a card to focus on!