Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Morning 6am

What in the world am I doing awake at this hour on a SATURDAY? You ask.

Enjoying a hot cup of chocolate flavored coffee, writing this stuff down, and thinking "can life get any better than this?"

I had this kink in my neck for two days. Yesterday, it was painful enough to give me a migraine. I decided to head to the chiropractor.

I know, I know, you shake your head and think, just take an aspirin--which I did--actually, I took 2 Advil at 10 and 2 Bayer Back N Body at 12. All it did was make me feel nauseaous. I slept most of the day on Thursday, unable to get rid of the kink OR the migraine. Yes, friends, my neck was severely out of alignment. But there are folks out there who don't believe in the benefit of chiropractic--and I am here to tell you, that this stuff works.

The chiro worked on my neck for about 5 minutes, and when I got up, I felt like a new woman. A new woman who didn't have a migraine anymore. There is still a little muscle stiffness, which is easily alleviated with Advil, but it's a muscle pain that I can live with--in short it isn't screwing up my face in agony--like it was on Friday. I feel like I can tackle this house with one hand tied behind my back...and I will forego the bondage part, just so I can get done quicker to work on my mittens.

They are coming along nicely. I worked on them while I visited with Judy Draper (aka mom Draper) during her dinner hour yesterday, and then worked on them some more when I got home while I watched "Ghost Whisperers". It has become somewhat of a "boring knit", even though it's a pattern I made up in my own head, and I'm sort of "winging it"--I think I'd rather be knitting some socks--or maybe even a sweater! But I'm pretty close to finishing the first one--I've only got 2" left--I figure I'll do one more pattern repeat, then I will begin my decreases. It took a lot less yarn than I thought it would--less even than a pair of SOCKS! And that's saying something--but I think I will be happy wearing them. The cuff is too short, so I'm going to make a gauntlet out of crochet--that will go under my coat sleeve. I was a little worried that they would be too small, but I tried them on, and they fit me like...well, like a glove--except for they are mittens. So that's the plan for later.

Hubby is going to assist his friend in selling the business he runs, so I will be pretty much on my own all day today--which means I should be able to get a lot accompished today. Ever notice how much more efficient you are when there's no one else underfoot? I used to tell my first husband to take the baby (who is almost 30 now), and go see his mother--so that I could clean house. I would do laundry, dishes, floors, dusting, clean the cat box, let the dog out, feed the animals, go buy groceries and have dinner on the stove by the time he got home about 6 hours later.

Of course, 30 years on a body slows it down some, but coffee helps!

Today's Tarot card is the 10 of wands, and this is the "work hard" card, but it's reversed, which means that I won't have to work nearly so hard to get so much done--or maybe that I won't work as hard as I THINK I will--or maybe I'll start and not "finish", but you know, my attitude is that housework is never really finished, so why TRY? I'm the consumate housework hater, anyway, and even though I'm now working on my second cup of coffee, I'm just not quite ready to begin. I like to save these things for times when I have a ton of ambition--today is just not it! I mean, I know that it has to be done, and I know that I will likely get quite a bit accomplished, but do I really want to waste my time that way?

But can you believe, that out of 72 cards--this is the one I would pull for my daily card, on a day that I generally reserve as a "work inside the house" day? Or that it would so closely approximate what the actual day will likely involve? I think it's just amazing. Maybe I should do Tarot readings on here...don't laugh--STOP LAUGHING! I have done long-distance reading before--read the blog entry on Robert! You know, there are people on the web who do this sort of thing for MONEY? Where's my crystal ball?

I look at my "ability" ("gift" if you prefer the word) as something to share--it came to me free--it's not something I went to school to learn--hence the word "gift"--therefore, I think it's something to be shared, not something someone should have to pay for--and I can't see myself making money off of it for just those reasons--I think that accepting money would somehow "cheapen" it--and therefore make it so that it didn't work the way it should...and that's why I call it an "ability"...much like walking, or even blinking. I don't "think" about it--very often, it just happens.

For instance, long ago, when I was a teenager (back when rocks were just on the cusp of invention), I read a book on the paranormal--so, when the sun set, and darkness fell in my room, I lit a candle, knelt beside my bed, shuffling an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards, and said to myself in my mind..

"I'm going to count 13 cards from the deck. I'm going to divine red or black, and put them in two piles, one for red, one for black, and then I'm going to record how many I get right."

So I count off 13 cards from the top of the shuffled deck. Now 13 is supposed to be somehow associated with the paranormal--but I didn't do 13 for that reason--the deck is normally 13 cards per suit--and I figured that this was a test of the entire deck, and so I began.

I went slowly, holding my hand over each card before placing it face down in the pile that I thought it should go into. When I was finished, I checked the piles. The red pile was 100% correct. The black pile had one red card in it. Well, alright. I recorded my results.

I decided to test myself further. With the remaining 39 cards...

"I'm going to count 13 cards from the deck. I'm going to divine Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs and Spades, and put them in four piles this time--"

I didn't do so well this time, and only got about half of the cards right--even so, by the paranormal "experts" 25% was considered above average--

I decided to test myself further. With the remaining 26 cards...

"I'm going to count 13 cards frm the deck. I'm going to divine the number on the card, and write it down on paper, then I will compare the cards to what I've written down."

I got them all wrong.

Actually, that's not a fair statement. I was just one card off. The FIRST card was totally wrong, but the second card was written in position one on my piece of paper...and so on down the line.

Well, I have to tell you, that one sort of left me with this odd sensation, and I remember looking at the candle just then, and the flame flickered violently right then, as if a sudden draft had come into the room, but I was not cold, the door was closed, and the house was not drafty--nor was I anywhere near a furnace vent (which wasn't running that day anyhow), and we didn't have air conditioning, and the windows were closed. It was a relatively mild autumn evening.

Well, I have to tell you, I blew out the candle, turned on the lights, put the cards away, hugged myself for a minute (gotta tell ya, I was SPOOKED!), then I walked out into the living room, sat down and watched television to get my mind off it. The next day, I returned the paranormal book, and refused to do any further divination. Not because of some religious aspect--because I wasn't AWARE of religion at this point--my parents took me to church only twice in my life when I was VERY young (back when dirt was only a gleam in it's mother's eye), and therefore, religion really didn't play a part in my decision--it was just that it really unsettled me.

There was/IS something "out there". Something we don't understand, and probably something that we aren't supposed to understand--maybe something we will never understand--"out there". It is what I call "other-worldly". Sometimes good, sometimes not--depending on your perception--and possibly whether or not "it" perceives which will do it the most "good". It's not something that can be "controlled", although others would have you believe it can be. It is a force that is likely closer to nature than you are. It gives me pause to consider the beliefs of the Celts and the Druids--the Scots and the Irish--where my blood roots are--and while I am not a student of either of these teachings, I am AWARE of them, and recognise them as mostly mythological. But the Celtic/Druid people BELIEVED in these things, deeply--before the Catholic church came in and brought it's own belief system.

Don't get me wrong. I think faith is a marvelous thing. Personally, I believe the teaching of the Baptists--which is based on the Catholic, but steers itself away from all of the symbolism and the mythological systems of history--to follow a more "intellectual" path, based on learning from the mistakes others made in history. I think the Crusades were based on a pursuit of property and grounded in the greed of the historical "church"--and that this same greed does exist today--although at a much lower level--you don't lose your life because of what you do or don't believe in--someday, that MAY CHANGE. I believe that there is more to a person than just a body and brain--more than just a pretty face (okay, mine's not so pretty, but you get the picture). I believe that everyone has their own personal path, and that no one can tell you what that path may be. I don't believe that atheists have it right, nor do I believe that the church has it right, nor do I believe that the agnostics have it right. I think we're all like the 4 blind men set upon determining what an elephant is. Whatever "IT" is, it is BIGGER than us--bigger than we can conceive or imagine.

In the play "Our Town", Rebecca states that she saw a letter addressed to someone--it had the normal "stuff" on it...Name, Street, City, State, Zip, but then it went on to say "USA, North America, The Earth, The Universe, THE MIND OF GOD".

How profound is that?

Tenna has had too much coffee.

Sorry to be so long winded. Many people suppose that I am a religious nut. I just wanted to take the time to give an indication to what I specifically "believe", without sounding like a religious nut. As I said, I don't follow any particular "religion". I believe what I believe--I try to share it when I can. I don't push it on you, I don't want you pushing yours on me--any more than I would tell you "this path is better or more 'right' than your path". Your path is your path. Right or wrong, good or bad, it's still YOUR CHOICE to follow it. If YOU determine that it's the wrong path, you will make choices to change your direction, or choose to make no choice and continue down the same road, whether it's in your best interests or not, or maybe just to "check out what's further on down that road". In the final analysis, we all will give an account of the road we followed. THAT is what I believe, and I think that most of us will have a few regrets--I mean, WHO DIES HAPPY?

I can answer that...the one with the most .

More coffee required. :)

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