Saturday, November 24, 2007

Soxx Appeal arrived!

My soxx appeal arrived today for the Plaid Socks KAL in, but I can't do it.

Alas, I am to do these 3 sweater vests for my son--technically, I probably could do the front and backs on the knitting machine--but it's so darn hinky, that I don't like using it--even so, it would get the main part of the body done in lickety split time...

I can almost feel myself talking myself into this move, and I haven't even done a swatch yet! Oh, I am not up to pulling out that sweater machine!!! Don't make me! NOOOO!

Oh, I suppose I could test it out--I mean, I haven't used it in forever--no, I'm going to hand knit--at least the first one--since I'm none too keen on using the sweater machine, nor do I know where all the parts are--therefore, hand knit.

Have 5 rows into the ribbing now. Taking a break--I really don't care to work with black yarn, but, that's about all that goes with camouflage yarn!

Tarot Card for the day is the 5 of wands. Yup. Quarreling, argument and bicker..that sounds just like this household this afternoon. Hubby wants the heat on high, I want it on low...I want the waterbed taken out of my sewing room, he wants to leave it in there. I can't move around to clean down there, and so the wool stays in the living room. Viciousness behind every corner--I am tired, and want to rest now. Would have been a great day to work in the sewing room...but alas, twas not to be. Another day, perhaps tomorrow, but I will have to move the waterbed pieces into the other room, so that I can order the sewing room properly, not to mention sweep a floor that hasn't been swept in 3 or 4 years.

On the good side, he did help put up the Christmas lights. He did take down the bed, and he did clean up all the foreign mail on the floor around his easy chair. We are batting 500 so far. Things could be worse.

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