Friday, November 9, 2007


Still suffering the effects from the kink in my neck, but I get out of bed anyway--a sucker for punishment. Drinking my coffee, I pull my daily card, and it's

The Fool

Well, I suppose I could go back to bed. God knows I don't need to make more of a fool of myself than I already do. Imagine, if you will, the court jester playing a merry tune on a small flute, and a bird flies by, and while he watches the bird overhead, he's stepping lightly, and doesn't see the precipice that he's about to fall from. A little dog jumping merrily at his feet. This card literally says "WATCH OUT!" or at the very least "you're heading in the wrong direction...go back...go back!"

Like I said, stay in bed.

On a good note, hubby and I watched "Wild Hogs" on DVD last night, and I got the last two covers done for the tenor sticks. Here's what they look like before I draw them up and sew them together...

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