Thursday, November 8, 2007

And that Second Cup of Coffee goes to..

Yes! My second cup of coffee. I've been awake since 3:30am, although I didn't actually STAY out of bed until about 5:15am, and now, it's 5:51am--I'm on my second cup of Folger's coffee. My dog, Mandy, decided that it was time to chase all the cats out of the bedroom at 3:30, and then decided it was as good a time as any to ask to be let outdoors.

I don't know about you, but her fur coat seems much more applicable to late autumn windy, wet weather--and me in a mid thigh nightgown and bare feet. But once I let her out, I pulled the covers over my head and fell fast asleep again--that is, until she started howling about 5:15.

Goofy dog.

Tarot card of the day, good grief, another 3 of swords. Titled discord in the Celtic Circle deck, Robin Wood depicts it with one heart stabbed through with 3 swords. Usually for me, it bodes some sort of heartbreak. It signals tears will be shed. At it's very worst, it can mean a breakup with someone you love. At it's least, an argument with someone close that you care about--a family member or your best friend.

Not a good card at all for a Thursday morning.

The workers got the facia on the house, but apparently forgot to put holes in the soffit. Houses have to be able to under the soffit, the crews drill holes to allow air to circulate. A house that is too tight will trap steam and wetness and create mold. Mold in your house can make you very sick. The extra air deters mold from growing. I would think it would allow heat to escape--but what do I know?

So, Hubby contacted the workers, told them that he would pay for the repair if they could prove that they DID put the holes in, but he's pretty sure they didn' the facia isn't yet finished...but I took some pictures anyway. Sorry for the grey day--it doesn't make for "pretty" pictures, but it's DARK when I leave in the morning now.

We've also finally lit the fireplace. We normally wait until November 1, but this year, we didn't light the stove until November 5th. The first night, it didn't work. It wouldn't light. And it was COLD that night!

We cleaned it out and got it working on the 6th. Hubby was a mess, and I wish I had a picture of him--all covered with soot from his head to his foot...had he a red suit on...oh, never mind...he was on his way to the shower, and quite X-rated.

Probably most of you didn't know, but I have snakes, and they are about as "fun" as snakes CAN be--which isn't much, but yesterday, my Honduran, who is quite large now, tried to catch a live white mouse, and ended up frustrated and hungry under her hide. So I gave the mouse to my Boa Constrictor. This white mouse must be a veritable Houdini, because he is still alive today to tell the tale.

Amazing. Pictures of my snakes another day.

Last night, Hubby and I watched Spiderman 3 on video. We both critiqued it to be not nearly as good as the first two Spiderman videos, so I will buy the DVD for my collection, just in case there's a Spiderman 4. It's been a long time since we watched a video--tonight, we're watching "Wild Hoggs" with Tim Allen in it.

It is now 6:10am. I have to get dressed to go to work again, but this time, I remembered to put my knitting needles in my bag, so I will get some more knitting done on those socks for the tenor beaters. I walk out the door; however, slightly under-dressed for the weather, so came back in and bundled up some more. It is blowing snow outside. I look like Kenny from Southpark!

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