Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday morening

Bleary eyed before my coffee,, I can't see what I'm typing at all. So I'm going slowly so I don't confuse you!

Why doesn't my Border Collie like to go outside by herself?

Somebody answer that one for me. She always has to go on a leash to go to the bathroom--it's like she's afraid that something is going to "get her". Of course, the last two dogs I had, somebody stole, right off my property, so I'm a little afraid to put her on the chain outside, too. But it doesn't matter how badly she's got to go, she will not come to the door if she thinks that I'm not going out with her. And if I put her on the rope anyway, when she comes in, she curses me like you wouldn't believe (she's got quite a sailor's mouth, I can tell you!)

So, she's gone and done her thing now, cursed a blue streak at me, and settled down for her breakfast. After this, I'm going to knit the last couple of rows on the shawl, then do the i-cord edge. Then I'll get this cardboard box and make me a fringe maker--I'm thinking a 5" fringe--that means about 11" wide cardboard...hmmm...what do I have around here that's that big? Oh! Never mind the cardboard! I'll use my NIDDY-NODDY!

Okay, I hear you asking...what's a niddy noddy?

Here is what it looks like in 3 pieces. Made by Kromski in Poland.

Here's what it looks like put together. On this, you wrap yarn, so that your knitting doesn't get all knotty...get it? Knitting Knotty...which probably devolved into Niddy Noddy.

Then again, I could be WAY off base there, but it sure sounds Norwegian to me!

The white thing I take pics on is the top to the cat litter. I really need a bigger top, don't you think? LOL! The top to the cat litter! Unbelievable!

Guess what? I can see better now. The hearing hasn't woke up yet, but at least I can tell if I typed a typo or not! My body tends to waken in bits and pieces...

Tarot card for today is the 5 of swords...a fight, a tussle that I will not win. Ratz. I hate losing!

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