Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Evening aromas

Okay, the night before Thanksgiving, and the whole house smells tasty. I'm making the dessert for the party tomorrow for apres dine..I'm making a pumpkin pie cake

Now this is about the easiest to make.

First you make the pumpkin pie filling just like normal--dump into a big cake with yellow cake mix and 2 sticks of melted butter.

Bake until done.

It's fattening, and full of cholesterol. It tastes good, and that's why it's bad for you!

Okay, so why is it that everything that tastes good either gives you gas or some other ailment that ultimately you will die of if you overdo it?

So that's what I'm feeding to my in laws---he he he...evil scientist that I am.

I purchased a ball of sock yarn today. One of my co-workers totally ticked me off, and so I went out at lunchtime to buy comfort food (okay, so I came up with an original excuse, maybe?), and to stop at one of my favorite LYS's. She also had some lighted knitting needles, so I bought a pair in size 6.

Now where the heck do I post THESE on Ravelry!? There is no "other tools" option!

and no place to put the picture that I so pains-takingly took, standing still for 5 minutes to over-expose the lighted ends, so that they looked like they actually were "lit". Well, I just have to say pooh!

Also fondled some yarn oh so soft, what is it?

Pft. Cashmere. No wonder. Do I have good taste or what?

That cake is smelling really good....oh, poo. I forgot the whipped cream!

I wonder if Meijer's will be open tomorrow morning.

Well, for now, I'm off to work some more on my shawl...really getting some knitting done these last couple of days. L8r!


crafty wee midden said...

sounds yummy.....and gorgeous wool(yarn lol) and lighted knitting needles! I'm green with envy :)

Tenna Draper said...

They are curious things--remember straight needles? hahahha I haven't used straight needles in YEARS!

But they do work good in the car at night...of course when you're usually the designated driver--well, let's just say you can text someone on the cellphone while you drive, but you can't least not the way *I* knit...which is both hands and feet sometimes..I do get confused. Read today's's really something!