Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shop til ya Drop!

Black Friday.
Did anybody go?

I don't fall for those sales gimmicks. I did some shopping on Saturday, however. I looked everywhere for some bright green eyelash yarn. Something ala St. Patrick's Day for the tenor beaters.

I went to Walmart. I went to JoAnn's. I went to Michael's. I went to 3 LYS and to another Walmart. No bright Green Eyelash Yarn.

I checked online at Bernat's site for some to match the pink I purchased.

I came up empty.

I checked on Ravelry, but haven't gotten a response yet.

I'm thinking I'm not going to find it, but I will do a search for it again online today, and see if I can find it.

But first, I need coffee. Mounds of fresh, hot coffee. And then I can get to work.

I got about 40 rows done on the back half of my son's sweater vest--it's about 5" long so far. I have probably 10" to go before I can start shaping the armhole. The fabric is a little on the dense side, but that's the way I would rather it be for a winter garment! Gauge called for a size 6 US needle, rather than the 8 on the label--I might give him one of them BEFORE Christmas, just to gauge the size on him, but I'm working a 38, and his measurement said 36, so I figure I'm safe.

Hubby and I watched Shrek III last night on DVD, then watched Blue Collar Comedy on Direct TV Comedy channel. My husband likes Ron Waite. I like Jeff Foxworthy. Larry the CableGuy is funny, but I get tired of watching somebody play stupid after while. My husband giggled the entire time. He really understands these guys--maybe because he works with blue-collar folks all day? That could be.

We put Christmas lights up on the deck yesterday. They look so pretty--I bet they look spectacular from the road!

Doggie woke me up this morning, licking my hands and face, saying "I have to go out!" So out she went, and you KNOW that after I get up, I'm up. So the coffee is ready, and I'm drinking it now. I'm starting to feel alive again...the sensation is coming back to the fuzzy brain cells. But I'm still not ready to tackle the day...

Today's Tarot card is the 7 of cups. This card is thought to be a card that can indicate that the person is thinking "pie in the sky", fantasizing, can't decide on what he/she wants or just plain downright delusional. I'll have to decide which one it means for me...there are a couple of things I want to accomplish, get the waterbed OUT of the big bedroom downstairs...two, sweep the floor (means picking up and putting away a TON of stuff. Then to take the bagged wool roving downstairs so it's not in my living room taking up space. I've got a lot of work to do today, and the card might be telling me "don't kid yourself". It is, after all, a billion trips up and down the stairs, and you've got this bad knee that's been giving you I could well be fooling myself that I will be able to get this accomplished today...but I will Try.

So that said, I'm going to gather my broom and my vacuum, and head downstairs. You might see me again next Christmas!

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