Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another finished project

Well, not "finished" per se...I have gotte 2 covers done of the 4 that I need for the tenor drum sticks for the band. Here's a pic:

First, the empty tenor stick:

Then the stick and the sock for it:

And now, the sock on the stick.

Cool Huh? Now imagine this little item on a shoelace, swinging around in the air? There ya go--no I won't demonstrate! I'm still in my jammies!

So lest you think I accomplished nothing yesterday...HA! At lunchtime (the day I was so stuck), I drove over to the LYS and found a new book (well new for me) and the latest Interweave Knits magazine. I tend to pull the most difficult assignments for myself because I like to challenge myself. The book is Alice Starmore's Celtic Collection--now in reprint. The projects in there are JUST AMAZING. I don't think that I could find better words to describe it. Knitting beyond the Hebrides knitting group does her patterns over and over again--and they are remarkable! Because they are fair isle and cables, very often, these top knotch knitters will knit the same pattern over and over again, because they are just, quite simply, classic designs. Interweave Knits had lots of nice eye candy, and quite a few projects that I would like to put on my list of to do's, but I am a realist, and know that there is not enough time left in my life to do all these projects that I have planned for myself.

Today's card is the four of pentacles:

This card generally pops up when I need to think "charitably". Give out directions, give to a charity--either by money or sweat, or just "be there" for a friend. The picture is that of a man, sitting in the corner of his castle with his feet on two coins, one in his hand and one on his head. Generally, it means I'm being a tad miserly--thinking too much about money, or hoarding it. It's long since past time to think about making gifts for Christmas, and I am waiting for Thanksgiving for when we draw names for my hubby's family--so I know that something will pop up today, where I will be asked to go over and above, without a grimace. My mother and son are easy this year. She wants more cross stitch books, and he wants a bike. Imagine that, my son, almost 30 years old, and he wants a bike for Christmas...seems like I've heard that story before...
So, I am up and blogging at 4am. Drinking my coffee, and planning my Christmas, when I really should be thinking about Thanksgiving...when really I should be planning TODAY. I figure that I need to do 2 more of the little pink covers--they don't take much time. Then I can get back to knitting on my Latvian Mittens. I actually started a pattern of my own. It's not really "Latvian" but here it is the beginning of it anyway. I'm sure I'm knitting it too tight, but since it's likely not going on anyone's hands, let alone MINE, I suppose I can put up with a little bit of tightness.

Well, time for my shower. I do have to work for a living. It really gets in the way of my LIFE, though.

I did go to bed early, however, because I had a massive headache all day that just wouldn't quit!

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