Monday, November 5, 2007

Recognition for the job I do

I've forgotten to put a picture of my red sweater on my blog, which I promised last week, and there has not been time to put it here--unless you want to see a picture of this really crazy lady trying to take a picture of herself in the bathroom mirror--a picture that looks much to uncertain--including the frustrated face--because I didn't think you'd want my face, but the sweater instead--but somehow, it just would not come I have to get my hubby to take a picture of me in one of those circus mirrors that show you at your thinnest...not that I'm wanting to be a bean pole, but would prefer that you see the SWEATER, rather than Me...First the "Do I really want to do this so early in the morning?"

I also have some updates from other pics I've taken--some good, some bad. The MSU-UofM game was this last weekend, and as predicted, MSU lost again. About the only really good thing was the picture I got of the blimp floating overhead, but I got that snapshot the day before. MSU has a tendency to do really well in the first half--they look good, they play hard, and they are usually ahead by the end of the first half. But you know, I think maybe the coach goes home at halftime, because when they come out after the band leaves the field, the game is all but lost--especially to UofM.

Remember the pic I tried to get when it was early in the morning and dark outside, and I couldn't get a picture of the walk-don't walk sign? Well, this was what I got.

Now, I am NOT a photographer, but just to show you that I am capable of taking a reasonably good picture, here's one by the river, not too far from where I work.

See? See?

Okay, so what that the band didn't make me drum sergeant again this year! Oh, all right. Yes, I'm really ticked off about it. We had the annual general meeting, and they asked me to keep everybody "on task" (I think they called me "chair-person"), and it was the quickest AGM we'd ever had. Not that I have a lot of experience keeping things "on track", but the meeting seemed to go well. Even so, they didn't give me the sergeant's stripes, which is what I've been working for since time began. So now, the trick is not to work so hard over it, I suppose. They want to play in competition next year. They want to do the ceilidh. They want to play more parades and make more money. All good things...yes, but do they have the staff to do it? Will enough people be available to actually play?

Good questions. Even so, I'd like the recognition for the job I do in the band, and so far, it's not been forthcoming. I don't want a pat on the back "good job". My pride is realized by obtaining the brass ring on the merry-go-round.

I've taken up drinking coffee. Yesterday, I drank the equivalent of 8 cups. Normally, I drink about 2 cups in the morning, and decaf soda the rest of the day. Yesterday, I was really tired, but I was also really WIRED. Tight as a drum head, literally. And now it's Monday again, and I'm blogging at 4 am, drinking more coffee. Has anyone ever figured out why coffee is such a "morning person's drink"?

Well, I'm really trying to fill up time now, trying to get this picture uploaded. It would seem that blogger doesn't work well on a dialup computer.

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