Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm late, I'm late, for a very Important Date!

Remember the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland?

Well, now that you've got a picture of me (buck teeth and all)...yes, I'm running a tad late (huff..puff). So this will be quick and dirty.

I've got the dreaded Mitten disease. I haven't knit for at least 3 days--although I did ply my spinning. I also notice that I'm over-spinning sometimes, and the single is all kinked up. I'm going to have to treadle slower, or draft faster--one or the other.

I have to replace a drum head on my son's drum--and I have been sort of putting that off for another day--when? Perhaps tonight when I get home. It will take the better part of an evening, which means I won't be able to knit or spin tonight.

The Tarot Card for the day is the Chariot.
Usually, this card has something to do with cars...either buying a new one, or getting the old one fixed, and it's likely that I am going to get a call today about my car--I've got some repair work that's been waiting for the Body Shop Manager to get back from Medical leave. It could be just a reminder card for me to remember to call them. Either way, looks like I'll be taking my car in to get the body work done on it. It means I'll have to drive the loaner--yuck.

And I'm feeling a little like Alice's rabbit--stressed and on the run, also a chariot card expression...spinning your wheels and really getting nowhere. I've also got a dental appointment coming up later today, getting a tooth pulled (yuck again), and therefore may not feel like doing ANYTHING after work. We'll have to see.

So we'll see how the card ends up applying to me. It's pretty amazing. Yesterday, I pulled the sun card, and the day was beautiful, and I worked hard, got everything I wanted to do done, everything went bright and cheery, and it was just a happy day. And today, I draw the Chariot. It's just not fair.

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