Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Ghost of Coffeemakers Past

Yesterday, our old coffeemaker was retired for the newer one with cool bells and whistles.

My husband said a few words, we unplugged the lifeline from the wall socket, and pushed it into the back corner. It will find its way to the garage sale bin today, I think. It's sad, though. The end of an era. The loss of a long-time friend, but it just wasn't doing the job anymore. It was tired and really old--and the water wasn't pouring through the filter very well anymore..not even with the cleaning solution! So the white Proctor Silex--and I don't believe they are made anymore, has been thrown over for a black Mr. Coffee with shiney silver chrome and a TIMER.

You heard that right. A timer! No more getting up with my husband at 4:30 in the morning to put coffee and water on--now I can do it the night before! And this new pup has an auto turn off for the two of us, who are horrible at remembering to shut it down. It has 2 brew strengths, regular and strong, because I am no lightweight when it comes to coffee. It has a cleaning feature and a "brew it now" feature and a pause feature, so you can get a cup without waiting for it to cycle.

I have to say, I'm in love. I called my husband into the kitchen to look at it when I attached it's umbilical cord to the wall....

"Darling, come here and look at the new coffeemaker!" I said.

After waiting patiently for five minutes, he appears in the doorway.

"What?" He says impatiently. "I'm watching my show...oh, new coffeemaker." He brightens a little, turns on his heels and heads back for his easy chair. My husband clearly doesn't understand the full impact of the moment! So I sigh, pat the new coffeemaker on the top of it's water reservoir, and walk over to my computer.

I can't wait to taste the new coffee I bought. Patience, dear, patience.

So this morning I am drinking a medium roast with caramel flavoring from Meijer's Thrifty Acres. I can't wait to get some hefty dark roast, and REALLY test this new contraption.

Did I knit last night? No. I have joined the league of web designers. Now, I know how to code in HTML, as long as there is something there initially--in reality, all you do is look for the real "words" and update them. I've offered to edit the Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band's website--and have updated the Member's Page and the Upcoming Events Page. It will be a while before I can get pictures to upload. And so I spent all day reconnoitering these two pages. The Member's Page was completly redone. She looks much cleaner now. The old editor, instead of using a table to enter information, used spaces--which works, but makes a mess of the html--all these ;ntsb's everywhere. I made a table and now the code looks a lot more readable, and the information is "up to the minute". Our next performances and practices, the where and when, are all loaded on the Upcoming Events page. Even a quick note about our 2008 Ceilidh, and a "Merry Christmas" at the bottom! Although, shouldn't it be Samhain? Whatever. The page looks good, the information is good, and I'm pleased.

The band manager wants a subpage with a login for the band members that has email address links that won't be available to the general public. Nice idea, but I have no idea how to set that up. So I have to speak with my "webpage gurus" to find out how that's done. I can build the form in visual basic, but the code behind it is beyond my understanding, and setting up the html behind that is even MORE beyond my understanding. I mean, I can link the button to the login form, but then once the user enters their information, the html has to know if that information is valid and what rights does that user have? Beyond that...do I even have a webpage guru? I'll have to think on that one.

The coffeemaker is empty and ready for tomorrow's brewing, and it's time for my shower!

Today's Tarot Card is the Sun. This means that the day will be bright and happy and everything will go well, right down to the last second. It means I slept really well last night (I did) and that there will be no problems. Basically, a sail right through it type of day.

I'll let you know, because I don't always trust these cards. HA!

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Melzy Knits said...

LOL too funny. This is the way my hubby is except turn the TV into a Computer and that's where you will usually find mine. He is sneaky about it too cause he will say Oh, I need to change out of my work clothes. (this after the obligatory 5 minutes with me after he walks into the door) and I will realize wow it's taken 30 minutes to change clothes. I will sneak upstairs and there he is sitting at the computer. LOL