Friday, November 16, 2007

SciFi and UFOs

Okay, so it's not about UFO's--have I seen one? Maybe. Don't know. If I claim it's a UFO, then it's no longer a UFO--am I right? After all, I've identified it as a now it's an IUFO, which is rather a contradiction in terms.

Sort of like the term infinity plus one.

The Tarot Card for the day is the 8 of Swords Reversed. Titled Bondage by the Sacred circle, Robin Wood shows a woman, wrapped up in a sheet, tied and blindfolded on a rocky beach, with 8 swords plunged into the earth behind her. Upright, not a very good card--meaning that you're basically "hemmed in" on all sides and won't be able to make any advancements today--however in reversed orientation, it means that the issues that were causing you to feel "hemmed in" are going to lift a bit today...and let's face it, IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

A rather simplistic reading, but I do look forward to Friday, and to the END of Friday, when I can look into the weekend and figure out what I want to do, instead of what everyone else wants me to do.

I got invited to Ravelry today. So I now have to sign up for a Flickr Account, as I didn't have one before. This blogging/ravelry/working on the band website/trying to get to my own website on creating a web miasma for I feel like I am surrounded on all sides by web-hosts and rather becoming my own little promoter. I don't know if I like that or not.

Does this mean that if computers are destroyed, and all my information on the web is lost, that I will cease to be? OOOO. Now there's a sci-fi thriller for you. Maybe I'll have Sandra Bullock to play my part in the movie. to Flickr I must go. Too bad I can't just ftp stuff over there. FTP makes it much easier.

Okay, Flick Account signed in. Ravelry ID is drapert--I am all set to go! This weekend, I upload pictures of my stash and my projects!

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crafty wee midden said...

now you have me wondering who I would have play me in my own sci-fi movie.... ;)

hmmmm.....must give that some thought.....

from chilly Scotland :)