Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tis the Evening, and the food is...

"put away" in one way or another. Some in the tummy tum tum, and some in the frig for the rest of the weekend.

I've been working on the triangle mohair shawl, and I'm about 4 rows (whew! it's a long way across this loooooooonnnnnngggg row) to bind off, then put on a fringe, and she's done. I can't wait to put it on my shoulders. I haven't yet tossed aside the idea of beads on the fringe--I've done some macrame, and I'm thinking something in a pearlized black or even turquoise...It's warm on my lap, so it will keep my shoulders warm during the colder weather, which is coming on fast.

In fact, we had snow this morning. Evidence of the colder weather coming on it's heels. I wore open toed shoes to Thanksgiving dinner, and the heater just couldn't get hot enough in the car! LOL! Silly me...not much thought went into my choice of shoes this morning, did it?

So I draw the Page of Swords--entitled "Thought", and figure that I need to do some thinking/reflecting--Page of Swords is a good card to draw on Thanksgiving day, when folks need to consider and give thanks for that which has been afforded to them. But it's also indicating that there might be something in the wings that needs to be addressed--a problem that needs to be solved, an issue that needs to be faced head on, analyzed and logically examined. Okay, it's a three day weekend..what could possibly come about that would require that sort of effort??

Well, to be frank and honest, that sort of "thinking" gives me a headache--especially on a four day weekend when I should be enjoying myself and "playing the fool"..hehe I actually typed "playing the FOOD" just then--how appropriate on Thanksgiving Day, when there's more food than you can eat at 4 sittings, let alone one!

Food for thought.
Good thinking.

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