Monday, November 26, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

I was a huge fan of Karen Carpenter. Huge. Same goes for Sonny & Cher, John Denver, and others of that era.

I cried when they died. Now, I know that Cher is still with us, but when she and Sonny divorced--that's the death I'm referring to--but there I go again--queen of digressions...

I really had a difficult time with Karen Carpenter. She represented my youth--when she was gone, they took away all the pretty music--you know, the feminine quality.Now everything is bump de bump and grind...enough to make a body puke--and "no way am I gonna try that" style of dancing.

To counteract this counter-element, I learned how to ballroom dance.

Now before you try to tell me that this style of dance is for the over 60 group--let me just say that some of the moves in ballroom are every bit as strenuous as the bump and grind, but done in a much more tasteful way. I mean ANYBODY can bump and grind--NOT everyone can ballroom dance and look really good at it. Me, I dance like a frog when I bump and grind, but when I ballroom, while I may not have the grace of Grace Kelly, I do have a certain style, and I learned very quickly to love ballroom dance. Now, I love to watch it on television. I enjoy watching "So You Think You Can Dance" type shows, and tell BritSpears that she isn't "all that and a bag of chips".

So there. Because *I* say so. And all those other "over 60-isms" that too many women say when they become their mothers.

Today's Tarot Card is "The Web" from the Sacred Circle deck. It corresponds with Justice in the Robin Wood deck, for those who like the "reference". It means that I've gotten myself tied up in a situation in which Justice will be meted out. This has concerned me all weekend, and I hope to high heaven that someone in security didn't see the email that I saw--you see, a friend sent me this email--to my work address. It was not an appropriate piece of email to send to my work address, and I've talked to the sender about those sorts of things. I hate to block her emails from my work address, but I will probably have to do it, simply to keep it from occurring again. This is a shame, because MOST of the time, her emails are funny and appropriate--and as far as emails go (or should I say, as raunchy as some may be), this one wasn't particularly HORRIBLE at least not to me, but the issue is WHERE I work--and there are likely some who would over-react. It's the over-reaction that I'm dreading. The over-reaction that could get me fired...which of course, I didn't CONSIDER when I copied the email to a word document and sent it home to myself...then realized that I had left it in my trash, as well as a copy of the word document in my sent items, which I TRASHED on Thursday night, and then deleted the trash and the sent items with it--hoping that no one had had the chance to peek at the server.

Now it's very unlikely that anybody copies the mail that closely, and it's most likely because the picture came through that the people who watch our web activity (ie, going to pornographic sites is strictly verbotten, and a site won't even load if the word "por*" exists somewhere on the page)--but this pic came through. It may be that it was considered innocuous--and to a mother, the pic is pretty adorable...the things kids get now you pretty much know what the pic was--and so it's hard to tell my friend, but I did. She hasn't responded, but she may have sent an email to my work in apology. I will check for it. In the meantime, I have to sweat over what the fallout might be. I'm hoping there isn't any.

On the other hand, if I pulled the card reversed, it means that I'm worried about nothing.

On a good note, I have completed about 12-13" on the sweater vest back for my son's Christmas present. Now I have to wait for the measurement from hip bone to underarm--then I can complete the back, and know how many rows in the body of the sweater. I can take notes, and then repeat the process for the front. I'm starting to get excited. I could stop, but the back on a holder and start working on the front--now there's a good idea!

Perhaps I'll do that!

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crafty wee midden said...

yeay for the ballroom go, girl; ever thought about Scottish Country dancing? I used to enjoy the Dashing White Sergeant, and the Gay Gordons, and others..great fun....