Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday morning--awake and unaware

I am awake for the second time on Sunday morning. My first wake-up was at 1am, and I worked some more on my Latvian Mitten. I have finished the "hand", now have to work on the thumb and gusset--which isn't going to be easy, since I'm using Lion Brand "Woolease" and size 6 needles--I have to do some fiddling with the pattern, and will have to write it all down--and so I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to work the other "hand" first, and leave the thumbs for when I can concentrate better.

However, my second waking-up was at 7am, and now I'm pretty much ready to face the day. Funny how coffee can help with that, but it's true. Showing you what I worked on all day yesterday....

Yes, I got 3 rooms done! And then, I drove to McDonalds for lunch (yes, all that before lunch, and lest you think "ho ho ho, what is 3 rooms?", praps I should show you the BEFORE picture next time... The areas I show you above are the areas that get "dropped on"...the clutter catchers.

After McD's, drove to the video store to drop off the video...then to Lowe's to return some pvc pipe and fittings (yes, all that time, I was driving about with 2 16' lengths of pvc sticking out my back window!), then to Walmart for some staples for the staple gun and some drugs for my hubby, then to the LYS
I had a gift certificate. They had new sock yarn. I had to have some. I also wanted the book "Simply Shetland 4", because I want to make Eunny Jang's scoop neck sweater...decisions...decisions...okay, bought both.

Then I went to the health food store and got a couple of items, then I returned home and worked on my mitt.

So I didn't actually work as hard as I thought I would, or for as long, but I did get a LOT accomplished. I even finished the antique coat hanger/shelf that I got several months ago. I can't wait to put it on the wall!

Oh dear.

The coffeemaker is plugged again.

This is cause for ALARM. It took 20 minutes to brew this pot--when it should only take about 5 minutes. But the coffee IS made, and I can now enjoy my first morning cup of brew. Yum.

Do you notice how thoughts are pretty disjointed before my first cup?

Daily Tarot Card is the Page of Wands reversed. In it's upright position the card indicates that whatever you do today your effort will show great potential. But since it's reversed, you can almost bet that things aren't going to go so well in that respect--because today, I have band practice. Now lest you believe that I'm going to "self-fulfill" that prophecy, let me tell you that I do work very hard with this band--far more than I did with my previous band--and the idea that I might not be recognised for my effort is depressing.

Then again, it might not be me at all, but my son, who is still slightly "shakey", but is coming along. We couldn't have a practice this week because it's getting too cold to play outdoors--and he's got no "place" indoors where we can practice yet. Until he does, we can't practice mid-week. This could upset the apple cart easily.
But, sadly, I pull a clarification card to find out if it's me or if it's him, and it's me--I pull a queen--the queen of wands, to be precise, and she is also in reversed position...she stands for the crafty and sly--the revealer. She's reversed, so it means that I'll be pretty much useless today, and not much good will come of heading to band practice. Oh, this is really discouraging! I guess it's a good thing I have Monday off!
I've decided I'm going to buy a new coffeemaker--one that has a clock on it so that it will turn itself on at the appropriate hour--so that we can have fresh coffee every morning.
And it's misty outdoors again--perfect Scotland weather--except I live in the US. The dog refuses to go potty when the weather is the slightest bit wet. But let her run to the neighbor's house, and she's in their pond labrador-style! She's cold, and antsy to get back into the house where it's warm. She danced around in eager anticipation of getting back into bed with my husband.

The day progresses, and the first cup is nearly drained. What will I do this morning before Ray arrives, and we head to band practice? It's already 8am. I have only three hours before we leave. I'm tempted to cast on that second mitt--then again, no. I just don't feel much like knitting (or working for that matter). This is called One-Mitt-Disease. Sounds dreadful, doesn't it? I could go buy that new coffeemaker, but I seem to have no ambition this morning. In fact, I feel like I should go back to bed and pull the covers over my head for about 2 1/2 more hours. Yes, that's exactly how I feel--go join dog and husband. It would seem that they have more "smarts" than I do at the moment.

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