Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good Morning!

Sure wish I felt "good morning". I feel quite surly this morning.

I drew the Queen of Swords this morning, too. REVERSED no less.

The Queen of Swords is ME, usually when I'm in one of these "moods", and it means that I'm probably going to chop off someone's head today. I envision her as the Marie Antoinette of the deck. Self assured, high-fallutin', get about town gal, with a temper as hot as a poker neatly plucked from the brimstone...oh yes, one hot head. This is no lady to mess with, because if you're good to her, she's good in return to the Nth degree. Treat her badly, and you will *rue the day* in capital letters!

Of course she's not always nasty--and in her "saner" times, she reflects on those closest to her who are no more (likely because of her last hot mood), and regrets, yes, she's made a few. So after the slate gets wiped clean, she weeps and mourns the loss.

Now naturally, since she's reversed, you might consider that those attributes might be "less so"--for instance, there might be an arguement ensue, and she doesn't get "all flamed up", but may decide never to talk to that person again--of course, it's probably someone she'll *have* to talk to again, so it's rather a tiff, instead of all out war.

I got the beads done on the shawl...oh, let me fix the pictures!!! There! Fait Acompli!

This is my best side. Actually, it has to be blocked, but for all intents and purposes, it's a done deal.

Oh, and the minute detail of the beads--these really shimmer, by the way.

It's really a lovely shawl.

I was in Walmart (you know, the Chinese store--SLAM) and I saw this sweater, with little peerie patterns in it. There are times, when I get ideas for my things from store items....

Once I took SEVERAL pictures of a purse that had been knitted. I have the picture on a cd. At some point, I will make this self-same bag. It's a knitted bag with cables on it--it's felted, and has a zipper and a liner. It was the same color as my red cable sweater. The perfect accessory, but rather than buy, I took pictures, so I can make my own. I do that a lot these days.

Then one night I'm outdoors, and there is the moon--big and full with a halo around it. I had to take several pictures, but finally got one that I liked.

Now doesn't this look like a Halloween Moon?
So I took this picture several times, once or twice as if it were a firework--which came out one little blob of white in the center (too long an exposure), and with available light (hah! Not much available light) and ended up with the Tree, which was also a cool picture which gave away how cold it was at the time, but I didn't want the TREE, I wanted the MOON. I finally set the camera on MUSEUM, quicker exposure and no flash, and got this, which is as close to the real thing as you can get! Hold on, I think I can get a picture of the tree...The moon is the bright banana shape in center right.

Well, it's actually time to get some work clothes on and head to the office. I am working on the front of the vest for my son now--this is going quickly. I stopped working on the back until my mother calls to tell me my son's measurement from his belt to his underarm. That dictates how long I have to work on 84 stitches. I'm getting about 4.5 stitches to the inch and 5.5 rows to the inch. It's going quickly!

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crafty wee midden said...

absolutely fabulous shawl.....oooooooohhhhhhhh and aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh indeed!

and I love the moon photoes: you are a woman of many skills, as Xena would say :)